1. M

    Glory world series

    Just channel changing on sports JSC and came across this Glory World Series Istanbul . Its on live now ,Its Kick Boxing did not know that it was popular in Turkey and that there are some very good Fighters from Turkey .Gokhan Sakia heavy weight on at the moment ranked number 2 in Wotld .Not...
  2. yalimart

    glory glory man utd ££££££££££

    Another myth exploded ! Manchester United are the world's most valuable sports club, according to a report by Forbes Premier League - United named world's most valuable club - Yahoo! Eurosport martin
  3. T

    Glory of England

    There were 55,000 recorded assaults on NHS staff last year. It is reckoned to be only the tip of the iceberg because many are unreported. What an unmitigated disgrace. Colin
  4. D

    Russian for Glory

    Congratulations to all Russians for a fine footballing win over the Dutch- and commiserations with the latter....
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