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    Lionel Ritchie ,Glastonbury

    Glastonbury: Lionel Richie draws festival's biggest crowd - BBC News Wish I'd been there.
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    Last night I watched Metallica on TV performing at Glastonbury,I thought that they were fantastic, looking forward to watching Dolly Parton today. Shame about the weather, but hey, that's part of being at Glastonbury I suppose. Bill.
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    The"Stones" at Glastonbury.

    I managed to watch the Stones at Glastonbury on BBC last night. In my opinion they were fantastic, showing their age a bit, but can still rock with the best. Having said that I think they are the best. Bill.
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    Glastonbury 2013

    Bloodyell!Wish I wos going..Stones,Mumford & sons etc.last time I went about 15 years ago I was kept awake all night by folk climbing over the fence.Tickets all sold out...could try tunnelling,glider etc.Any suggestions?
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    I've been watching the recording i made of yesterday's bands. Any of you guys been watching it? Afraid my Glastonbury days are over but I still enjoy watching it on tv. Yesterday the headliners were Fat boy Slim and White Stripes. White Stripes are a favorite band of mine and I thought they...
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