1. immac

    Glasses (Specs) Mail Order

    I need to update my spectacles (in Turkey). I am wondering if there is a cheap source for on-line purchases. I will get the complicated items in local optician, but general "spare" sets may not require the service or expense of High St shops. Anyone had any experience of this in Turkey, or...
  2. A89

    reading glasses

    Has anyone seen cheap reading glasses that are ready made on sale here please? thanks alison
  3. T


    Is it cheaper for prescription glasses in Turkey or UK.
  4. paddington bear

    SGK for glasses

    Does anyone know that if I have an eye test in the UK and bring the prescription back to Turkey whether I can get my glasses under the SGK. Sue
  5. Jaycey

    Why men should always wear sun glasses

    Why men should always wear sun glasses ..
  6. Mushtaq

    Cheap prescription glasses

    Found this in my inbox the other day, seems like a good deal. Cheap Glasses : Incl £11 Sisley frames, £19 Bench I'm going to give it a go and see how it works out.
  7. eshek

    Forgot my glasses ...

    Yesterday, my daughter again asked me why I didn't do something useful with my time.Talking about my "doing something useful" seems to be her favorite topic of conversation.She said that she was "only thinking about me", and suggested that I go down to the senior center, and hang out with the...
  8. J

    New glasses

    I need new glasses and was wondering if anyone knows if it's any cheaper buying prescription glasses in Turkey than in the UK. I have my prescription which I presume Turkish opticians would understand. I've just been quoted £280 for glasses in Costco and I don't really want to pay that amount...
  9. L

    Night Driving Glasses

    Can you buy night driving glasses anywhere in Altinkum, Soke or Akbuk? Thanku
  10. N

    Night vision glasses.

    I've heard you can buy glasses which allow you to watch animals and birds in the dead of night. I've tried searching for them but all that I can find are glasses designed to reduce glare whilst driving, now for a silly question ....... does anyone know if these are these the same thing? Do any...
  11. lara

    Tinted Glasses!

    Reading some of the threads recently, especially the ones relating to the riots, I have difficultly believing that members have off spring that have never been in any kind of trouble, whether they were caught or not. These young people that were caught were not all from deprived backgrounds nor...
  12. B

    Cost of Glasses in Didim

    Hi Moving to Didim in september and need new glasses. We are near Emre Optics but I wanted to know the cost of glasses in Turkey to see if I get mine before we come out or wait and get them there. I have reading glasses and also varifocal glasses but need new ones. I will get my eye test here...
  13. W

    lost glasses

    hi everyone I dropped a very expensive pair of eyeglasses in the villiage on sat around the shopping area . does anyone have any idea where someone might hand them in? Will
  14. Andy

    Need New Glasses. 2 day offer

    £25 off code gets two pairs of specs for £28 Get £25 off any glasses over £49 at Glasses Direct* when you enter the code 25DCTFD at the checkout. Use the code against its two for one offer (on £49 specs) and you can effectively get two pairs delivered for £14 each. The code's valid until Fri...
  15. rosewall1

    Cheap prescription glasses

    My husband says little but does find things of interest on the internet. On another forum (sorry) he found someone who had bought some prescription glasses from Hong Kong. Most definitely cheaper than Turkey and the UK. Less than a year ago we both needed new glasses and paid the equivalent of...
  16. peter the postie

    Cheap prescription glasses

    I found this on another site so I thought I'd post it for all the goggle users. Hey guys, not sure if something similar has been posted before, but if any one is looking for cheap prescription glasses (and Sunglasses) Discount Eyeglasses online - Prescription eyeglasses & Prescription...
  17. rosewall1

    cut glass highball glasses

    I have to say that both Colin and I enjoy a drink out of decent glasses favorite being cut glass. Bought some out with us but stocks have dwindled down to one. Hubby's birthday next week so Ebay here I am except when the glasses arrived today smashed to smitherines. Have tried and tried round...
  18. Carolyn

    Reading Glasses

    Don't know if this is the right place for this. If not, no doubt someone can move it! We have a dozen or so pairs of "off the peg" reading glasses and also a couple of pairs of prescription glasses which are now of no use to us. We are thinking of bringing them over with us to give to people in...
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