1. D

    Glass block wall

    About 7 years ago I built a glass block wall in the bathroom. I think the supplier recommended a 50:50 mix of Fugaflex and Fuga standard to cement the blocks together. This worked well, and the wall is still standing. I am now about to build another similar wall. The problem is, I had...
  2. B

    Folding glass panels:

    Hi, Would appreciate if someone could give me an approximate cost to have folding glass panels fitted on my balcony, measuring about 8'x8x'8'. Thanks. Baba Moss.
  3. B

    Folding glass panels:

    Hi,I am considering having folding glass panels fitted to my front balcony.The type would be on tracking from floor to roof and can be opened back in good weather.Can anyone suggest a reputable company and may be able to give me an approximate cost per metre. My apartment is in Yalikavak...
  4. P

    Glass and stainless steel balcony railings

    Can anyone recommend a reliable and cost-effective company who can replace our existing steel balcony railings with a glass and stainless steel option? Thanks Paul.
  5. S

    Taking glass lamp shade back to uk

    Hi all, Can somebody tell me if we can take a large glass lamp shade back to the uk as handluggage? We have put it in a beach bag because it will not fit into the normal cabin bag. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Soulsoles
  6. J

    China's Glass Walkway

    China's glass walkway opens in Tianmen mountain - BBC News If I was forced to walk this I know I'd be laid to rest after a few steps.

    Where is the glass makers shop?

    I have a glass shelf which has just split in two. I need to get a new one cut to size. Does anyone know where the glass maker shop is please?
  8. C

    Glass Mahmutlar

    Hi, I have a large piece of glass that has a couple of chips in it which I need polishing out, does anyone know a company that can do this for me please.

    Built-in fire with glass door

    I have an open fireplace but would like to get a proper built-in fire with a glass door. I went to Ortakant but found that the Somine shop was closed down. I walked from there to Kostas but none along the way. Does anyone know where there is a Somine shop (a shop that sells various types wood...
  10. N

    Glass in hand luggage

    Hi, Can anyone please help? I am travelling with hand luggage only and want to buy a few turkish glass dishes. Am I able to carry in my hand luggage? Many thanks Angela
  11. A


    anyone know where i can get a piece of glass put in a tv unit door in altinkum please thanks
  12. J

    Glass shower screen

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can buy a floor standing glass shower screen in the Akbuk/Didim areas please :nod: thanks Jan
  13. S

    shower glass replacment

    shower glass replacement does anybody know of a bathroom shower shop or maybe a glazier in or near gumusluk ? thanks
  14. Yalides

    Various glass items

    You need to talk to Di re these items. Home tel 02523886446 Di mobile 05383652068 My apologies to the heavy breathers for any inconvenience caused but same numbers as usual Philip....:416pv:
  15. K

    Glass Table + 4 chairs

    Bought from tescos 2 years ago all in good condition few expected marks to the chairs. 150 tl fethiye area
  16. maggie

    Falling Glass

    Those of you walking by the front entrance of Didiyma Shopping centre beware . Yesterday there was a work man up by the panes of blue glass right at the top above the entrance door. He smashed two of the windows which hurtled to the floor smashing into loads of pieces about 5 foot away from my...
  17. T

    Wanted glass microwave turntable

    Hi, My neice was kind enough to lend me a spare microwave for the few months whileI am here and I broke the glass turntable plate inside.If anyone happens to have one, perhaps from a microwave that no longer worksI'd be grateful to be able to buy it. The microwave is an unknown brand but I think...
  18. Andyucs

    Glass Cabinet For Sale

    Glass Cabinet For Sale will post dimensions as selling on behalf of someone 60TL buyer to collect from Dalyan area pm if interested
  19. S

    Glass washers????

    Is it only in this part of Turkey that when I go to bars I have NEVER seen a proper glass washer/sterilizer like we have in bars at home. A couple of experiences of dodgey tummy got me to thinking that the glass cleaning procedures in many bars is pretty revolting-one I have observed the...
  20. DtB

    Bodrum Glass

    I wanted to buy a couple of bits of Bodrum Glass to take back to friends but our usual shop in Gumusluk appears to be closed at pres. Does anyone know if you can buy it at Turgutreis market. I've never really looked there so not too sure......... Failing that, not too sure where I can buy a...
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