1. S

    Gitmek = to go

    We already did see the verb "gelmek" (to come), so now we have : gitmek = to go Gitmek is a slightly irregular verb as the "t" changes into "d" before a vowel. Note : this is not the general rule with verbs (another verb following that rule is etmek, but that is for another thread) Present...
  2. shirleyanntr

    todays word is gitmek

    Todays word is gitmek Gitmek means to go..and is one of the basic words to learn. (i just realized i hadn’t done it before) so here are some nice easy ways of using gitmek if you want to be sharp and bossy you can say. Git!..Go’..or be nice and say gitME.don’t go! For the past i’m sure...
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