1. G

    Girne Travel with puppy, kennels

    I have a three month old puppy, and want to know if i can take her to Girne,North Cyprus from Turkey , by plane for the weekend,or if she will require quarantine.I have browsed the airline regs but can only find info on taking a dog there permanently. Failing the possiblility of travelling with...
  2. LyndaW

    girne hotels

    Does anyone know of cheap hotels in girne as i am having to go there to get my passport stamped. My passport and ikamet where destroyed in fire and while waiting for my new passport my ikamet had expired more than 2 weeks so the yabanci police said i needed to go to cyprus. My passport went to...
  3. H

    North Cyprus / Girne for holidays

    Hi folks, I'm from Germany, and I plan to go to North Cyprus for holidays. On 19. March I shall arrive in Larnaca by plane, and get a pickup from the airport straight to Girne. There my first problem will be to find a place where to stay during the first week or so. Should be in the old...
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