1. qwerty

    Any Ghost Stories?

    Anyone got any ghost stories or weird happenings or unexplainable experiences to share for Halloween?? My one is when I was a student I lived in a village in Kent in a 16th century cottage with 3 other students. The front corridor had old original clay tile flooring with a strip of carpet on...
  2. luckycat68

    Ghost -- the street dog

    Some of you may remember Ghost - the street dog who I helped last year that had a very bad illness ? - pics in gallery This year he is fully recovered and the very good news is that last week a lovely rich Turkish family wanted to adopt him , Fulya vetted the family and consulted with me about...
  3. arrian

    Prestbury-the ghost town

    we used to call here years ago, pretty village, but they say it's been ruined by the WAGS etc. i don't see how them not spending money there are brought about the demise, because if they didn't live ther, it wouldn't be any different!! i've posted this as i know many of tlf members are...
  4. ceemac

    Turkey's ghost village

    KAYAKOY, Turkey–The whiff of antiquity hangs in the air and even fallen marble still supports the weight of accumulated myth. Here C
  5. teosgirl

    Would you go to see the new film The Ghost Writer?

    This new film, starring Ewan Mcgregor and Pierce Brosnan, tells a tale of a Ghost writer hired to complete the memoirs of British ex-prime minister, but uncovers a murky past and dodgy political decisions which ultimately threaten his own life. It sounds like a great film, but there's a scandal...
  6. peter the postie

    Michael Jacksons ghost on the Larry King show!!!

    Amazing! Look very closely down at the bottom of the hall. They say its a prank.. but is it??? YouTube - Michael Jackson Ghost Joke
  7. luckycat68

    Farewell Ghost Ship

    Well the GHOST Ship of Yalikavak has finally gone to its resting place . It has been docked in the Marina now for the past 5 years - very eiry ship and I am sure plenty of ghosts ! Yesterday it was dragged out to sea and taken to Izmir where it apparantly will be " recycled " . I used to love...
  8. Andy

    Millionaire spooked be Ghost

    One for the ghosthunters A millionaire businessman has become so spooked by the "haunted" £3.6m mansion he bought last year that he has handed the property back to the bank. Anwar Rashid, 32, described how he, his wife and their four young children lived in fear after they began hearing...
  9. lorraine

    Ghost Ship

    Strange but True!!
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