Tyrone the getaway driver. From " Snatch "

    ‪Snatch - Tyrone Getaway Driver‬‏ - YouTube
  2. Lillylilly

    £99 get-away

    This raised a smile in our house. A £99 holiday? Get away! Why you should beware those ads for suspiciously cheap hols. | Mail Online
  3. ceemac

    A Getaway To The Village Life Near Fethiye

    Photographs, trinkets and mementos belonging to long-gone villagers, along with the occasional pictures of the host and his family in traditional clothes, decorate the walls of a pension in Fethiye’s Kargı village and evoke memories of a pastoral existence not affected by the modern world. Enver...
  4. merlin

    Amasya - Perfect getaway for the 2006 solar eclipse

    Amasya is one of the provinces in Central Anatolia of Turkey which is distinct both with its natural setup and historical values it holds. It was the homeland of the famous geographer Strabo. Located in a narrow cleft of the Yesilirmak (Iris) river, it has a past of 3000 years during which many...
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