get together

  1. luckycat68

    Revised date for "get together "

    Due to inforseen circumstances we have changed the date of our first 2010 TLF "Get together " to Sunday 9th May - 7 pm onwards We will not be holding a wig party - as SS originally said in her previous thread -- We will be holding a " Mr & Mrs " theme quiz game instead- with a...
  2. luckycat68


    Well after a few pm"s I have decided on 14 th October to be our fourth and final "get together" of 2006. Usual place ( unless anyone has any other suggestions ! ) at 8.oo pm. Hopefully it will be another good night - please let me know who will be attending - maybe a few new faces ! Sue
  3. YogiPJ

    Invitation to "Get Together"

    Hi My fiance and I are moving to Turgutreis in 3 weeks! When we get there will be a mad frenzy trying to sort furniture, telephone lines, groceries etc. etc. But............................ When we finally get to sit back and take five on our lovely rooftop terrace with a chilled glass of...
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