1. bickern

    Germany pledges 25 million euros to Turkey

    Germany pledges 25 million euros to Turkey for brick houses in Idlib. Germany pledged Turkey it would provide 25 million euros in fund for the construction of brick houses on the Syrian side of Idlib-Turkey border to accommodate displaced Syrians, diplomatic sources have told Hürriyet Daily...
  2. bickern

    Germany to pay reparations over World War II

    The president of Poland repeated Sunday his country's demand for Germany to pay reparations over World War II, days before ministers from Berlin and Warsaw will sit down for bilateral talks. "In my view, reparations payments are not a topic that's been dealt with," Andrzej Duda told the Sunday...
  3. Jaycey

    Police in Germany rescue man being chased by baby squirrel

    Emergency services received a call on Thursday from the man, who claimed he was being chased down the street by the tiny animal. Police in Karlsruhe said the unnamed man called them in desperation after he was unable to shake off the small rodent. Officers sent a patrol car out to investigate...
  4. juco

    Nail bomb, germany

    Apparently a nail bomb has gone off in a Hamburg station (Sunday), fortunately no injuries and so far no reports on BBC or Euronews or any other mainstream media. The silence is deafening. Also, a previous incident:
  5. Mushtaq

    Erdoğan tells Turks in Germany not to vote for 'Turkey's enemies'

    President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called on Turks in Germany to not vote for “enemies of Turkey,” claiming that the main reason for the recent crisis between Ankara and Berlin is the “race for votes” ahead of the general elections in Germany. “Right now in Germany the [Social Democrats] SPD...
  6. suzyq

    Germany warns citizens of Turkey risks amid arrests

    The German government has warned its citizens and firms they face the risk of "arbitrary" arrest in Turkey. "People who are travelling to Turkey for private or business reasons are urged to exercise increased caution," the German foreign ministry said. Firms face investment risks in Turkey...
  7. bickern

    Germany opens its first 'liberal' mosque.

    I honestly don't know if this will be a success or not, or if some are showing naivety, but a start has to be made and I wish it well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Germany opens its first 'liberal' mosque: Women, men, Sunni, Shiite...
  8. S

    Germany Game

    When will England fans grow up. As one newspaper said today they arent even threatening any more-just sad looking
  9. Sha Hoorsur

    England beats Germany

    At long last England has finally beaten Germany at something; The English have now been named as the most unpopular people in Europe, a title previously held by the Germans. :gulme:
  10. suzyq

    Germany joins campaign against ISIL

    Germany's parliament has voted to send German military support to the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria. MPs approved the controversial plan for a German non-combat role. Tornado jets - for reconnaissance - a naval frigate and 1,200 soldiers will be sent to the...
  11. Yalides

    Eschbach Germany Must be more to this story than...
  12. Mushtaq

    Germany blocks Turkey’s bid to join EU

    LUXEMBOURG — Germany has blocked the next step in the European Union’s membership talks with Turkey over Ankara’s crackdown on anti-government protests, a diplomat from an EU nation said Thursday. Berlin blocked the decision to open a new chapter in the long-running accession talks because...
  13. C

    I need something from MIGROS to send to Germany !!

    Hello folks, we were in Antalya two weeks ago and had a great time. Is there somebody who can send me something from Antalya's Migros Shooping Center to Germany via mail? Maybe someone who works at Migros??!! The cost to buy it at Migros ist only about 5 EUR (10 TLR) and I will pay in...
  14. teosgirl

    Circumcision is considered assault in Germany Interesting verdict. I personally agree, however I don't think this will stop Muslims or Jews from having their children circumcised - instead they will...
  15. SAMIMI

    Fly from ireland via germany to turkey

    Here is another option to get to Turkey. Fly from Ireland to Germany via Aer Lingus or Ryanair. Might be a bit of waiting around, bring a good book and some sambos! Below are just a selection of the flights. You can click on the links and they will give you the offers for that route. Just...
  16. D

    Now the contagion hits germany

    Earlier today a major bond sale in germany under sold by 35pc--which in laymans terms is a disaster for the governemnt of germany--it means no one has confidence in the one economy in the eurozone that so far has been immune. The french credit rating is also in tatters as it all slowly...

    Only in Germany..

    It's unusual to say the least.Note that the driver/operator isn't wearing any seat belt or harness.
  18. I

    Germany and Turkey

    In about an hour and a half I think, an important match between these two countries kicks off. Predictions? Even though Germany are not playing at home they are by far the superior team and I predict them to win handsomely.
  19. L

    Renewing passport via Germany

    Hiya I need to get a passport and have been told NOT to use the PTT but have been given a list of others such as mng ups yurt içi and aras - has anyone had to renew their passport yet going via Germany and if so any positive or negative feedback on any cargo services who's quickest cheapest...
  20. bickern

    In Germany, Erdoğan proposes two-stage visa exemption deal

    Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced on Tuesday that during discussions with German Chancellor Angela Merkel he put forward a two-stage plan for having Turkish nationals exempt from visa requirements when traveling to Germany, yet he cautioned that, even if mutually agreed upon...
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