1. bickern

    Germans call for DEXIT

    ‘No EU slavery!’ Germans call for DEXIT a week after hailing Brexit success GERMANS are demanding their own Brexit - dubbed ‘Dexit' - as Deutschland politicians are battling tirelessly to follow Britain's lead to quit the EU as a matter of urgency. Berlin’s right-wing populist AfD party leader...
  2. S

    Erdogan calls Germans " Nazis"

    Turkey's Erdogan makes Nazi jibe over Germany rally ban - BBC News
  3. Firefox

    Germans Beg the UK

    There is a bit of feel good factor in the past week here in England when David Cameron stuck V two fingers to the EU. in an Up Yours Delor moment. Now we had the German saying Achtung! Surrender’ :ukflag: Here - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Germans beg us...
  4. barry budd

    germans through the back door

    Eurozone crisis: Merkel ally says UK must fall into line and not oppose Tobin tax | Mail Online what do you think
  5. lara

    Help........the Germans are coming!!

    I have a party of 17 Germans arriving tomorrow and they need feeding for the next three weeks, anyone have any recipes or know of any meals that would go down well. I'm going with the usual chicken and meat dishes but wanted to combine our favourites with some that they would appreciate. Also...
  6. S

    Germans? English? Russians

    Picking up from another thread is it true that the Germans are the most favoured of the tourists in Turkey? I know this involves sweeping generalisations but do they spend more? More tidy? Less trouble? Its not really the kind of thing one can canvass in Turkey as any shrewd bar owner for...
  7. Tris

    Is Side full of Germans and Russians?

    I have read on another forum that the Aegean is the British area and the Mediteranean (therefore Side) is the German/Russian area. I don't have an issue with the Germans as i'll just sling their towels off a sunbed that's been reserved, but have heard reports about the Russians being arrogant...
  8. shirleyanntr

    Why are Brits afraid of Germans.

    İm asking this because yesterday i was shopping and got into conversation with a German woman who spoke flawless English. İt was a pleasant chat and we exchanged phone numbers..and this morning she rang me and invited me to have tea with her and her husband...they have an apartment in Alanya...
  9. KKOB

    No Bargaining for the Germans

    Apparently the Germans find it difficult to go shopping in Turkey because they don't know how to haggle.
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