1. suzyq

    Happy Birthday Germaine

    Happy Birthday Germaine, hope you have a super day and also everyone else sharing the same birthday. :)
  2. Martyn

    Bloody Germaine

    There was me going through life until the ripe old age of 57 with no real concerns or thoughts about religion. I never get in discussions(especially on here) but have followed all the threads on this forums at various times. I was never brought up with any sort of religious beliefs but now...
  3. Harem

    Happy Birthday Germaine

    Happy birthday to you - don't sleep it all away, will you? :pressie: :pressie: :pressie:
  4. Harem


    Hi Germaine, I just tried to PM you but your box is full, can you please clear some space. Ta
  5. Andy

    Happy Birthday Germaine

    Many Happy Returns of the day Germaine hope your days going just great. Best Wishes from sunny Sussex. :52: :52:
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