1. P

    Panorama Restaurant Geris

    We went with friends to this Restarant last night . The views from up there are stunning. We hadn't booked so I suppose we were lucky to get a table. The strange thing is. . . We have been there 3 times now and each time they have told us that they are very sorry but Chicken is off the...
  2. ronnievodka

    Where is Panoramic restaurant in Geris Yalikavak

    hi does anyone know how to get to the panaramic restaurant in Gerish ? we have heard that it is a lovely place but have no idea of how to get there and what are their prices like is it reasonable to eat there or expensive. If anyone can help with this we really appreciate your feed back. Thanks x
  3. Yalides

    Geris walk

    Just walked from ours to Geris across the hills. Fabulous walk although a bit uphill going. The peace and tranquility with only the sound of the birds and invisible animals in the fields. Only the faint noise of lorries and boats in the distance to spoil it. Water stops along the way and a...
  4. tomc1984

    Panorama Restaurant Geris

    Just been up to the panorama restaurant in Geris, the most wonderful views of Yali, fantastic. Murat, the owner is a really nice guy andf hopefully will have a full menu soon. The dearest thing on the menu was a lamb casserole at 22tL. Out of Yali on the turgetreis road, at the sign for Geris...
  5. Yalides


    Went for a walk up there for only the second time in five years. What a pretty little village, stunning views, lovely houses and friendly people. Geris should have its own forum on here.
  6. Holty

    Geris village

    Hi all, i'm new to the forum and wondered if anyone new this place (Geris village, Kavaklilar site) and were abouts it is in yalikavak. I'm spending 2 weeks there shortly and wondered how easy it was for our transfer to find? Thanks, Mark
  7. Miss Money Penny

    Panorama, Geris

    I would like to visit the Panorama but Now that Im not there I cant picture where it is.we have only been to our place in geris a couple of times so have a lot of exploring to do! is it walking distance from say the cimentepe or would it be worth getting a taxi from the rank near the fish...
  8. cleeker

    Geris Village

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