1. Jaycey

    Rip George Bush

    George Bush, 41st US president, dies at 94 Others have said it better than I can… Ken Olin‏Verified account @kenolin... I’m a lifelong Democrat. From JFK to Obama we were the good guys and...
  2. S

    Turkish George

    Happy St George's day. He was born in Cappadocia.
  3. A

    Update on George in Alanya Prison

    I have just been informed that George will be in Alanya Prison for 2 years. No other information forthcoming at present. Does anyone else know? Perhaps A89 Alison? I have sent him 2 x letters - - the second one enclosed the baseball cap with GEORGE on it - - have heard nothing from him...
  4. A

    George in Alanya Prison Now

    I have been in the UK for the past 3 months and returned to Side a week ago but I have been unable to contact my good friend George, the local tour operator. His offices are all shut up, with the blinds down and locked. He does not respond to his emails or phone calls and I have been worried...
  5. Devil's_Advocate

    Happy St. George's Day.

    ...and National Sovereignty and Children's Day- Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı. Also, the birthday and death day of William Shakespeare 23 April 1564 – 23 April 1616. These days, it seems like it's a crime to fly the flag of St. George unless it's some kind of special event. It also feels...
  6. Sunny Seasider

    George Michael has died

    What a shock, George Michael, aged 53 has died,. This year has taken far too many. Love his music, especially Last Christmas a No.1 all time best song. R.I.P. lovely man.
  7. pepperkat

    RIP George Martin

    It has been announced that George Martin has died aged 90. George produced so much of the music I have enjoyed for years. RIP George thanks for the music.
  8. suzyq

    George Osborne Lost Vote On Tax Cuts

    George Osborne was left reeling tonight after peers dramatically threw out the government's planned tax credits cuts - overturning the views of elected MPs. The House of Lords voted 289 to 272 delay the changes for three years until measures could be introduced to protect poor families. The...
  9. Mojive

    George Cole

    George Cole dies at 90 I was only watching an old programme of Heartbeat yesterday with George Cole in playing the part of a rogue bless him. Minder star George Cole dies at 90 - BBC News He used to make me laugh with his antics in Minder. RIP Mo xx
  10. hayabusa

    It's a Girl !........New baby sister for Prince George.

    It was announced that Prince Willam and Kate have had a baby girl this morning - Saturday 2nd May@ 8.34am BST. Mother and daughter are both doing well...... Girl is fouth in line to the British Monarchy and the Thorne. Baby weighing was 8lbs and 3oz. All the best wishes to the young family...
  11. T

    Happy St George's Day

    Happy Saint George's Day everyone. :fencing: :tigger:
  12. J

    George Galloway

    I see George Galloway, Respect MP for Bradford has been thumped whilst posing for photographs in London. Broken Jaw I believe. No doubt the strong arm of the law will ensure his attacker is arrested, detained and brought before the courts with the same vigour they used in pursuing the attackers...
  13. yalimart

    Happy birthday Prince George

    Happy birthday to the little fella from number 1 Benefits Street. Martin
  14. MiddleEarth

    George Clooney row with Daily Mail

    George Clooney row with Daily Mail boils over as actor shuns apology "It takes a celebrity both brave and secure in their own status to first demand an apology from the media behemoth that is the Daily Mail empire and then reject that apology as insincere and deceitful. Unfortunately for the...
  15. Jaycey

    Saint George

    I am somewhat curious as to how St. George became the patron saint of England which doesn’t seem to have any particular claim on him. He seems to be the patron saint of many countries - including Russia. “In reality, George was born in what is now part of Turkey in the third century A.D., and...
  16. beyazbayan

    RİP George Donaldson

    Celtic Thunder - Caledonia - YouTube
  17. Yalides

    George Galloway

    Self promoting Saddam loving George (59) is expecting a child with his wife (29). How embarrassing for the kid as he/she grows up. Might take the pressure off his other kids though....
  18. Briand

    Carl Froch and George Groves

    Anybody watch the fight. Well to be honest i,am a Carl Froch fan and after last nights fight i don't think Froch will want a rematch with Groves. I honestly believe the ref should of given groves a standing count and let the fight continue he jumped in to quick for me. George Groves was booed...
  19. mollag

    William and Kate with their little boy George.

  20. Yalides

    George Galloway, hero or dickhead ?

    Must go for the latter. The idiot spouts nowt but nonsense......:heh:
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