1. suzyq

    Happy Birthday Geordie Nev

    Happy Birthday, hope you have a super day. :)
  2. C

    Said By A Geordie

    This is not a joke, but I didn't know what to put it under. My Father was a Geordie and he had 3 brothers, each of them funnier than the other, I remember a lot of years ago having a chat with his youngest brother Douglas, it was nearing Christmas and he asked if we were ready for it and had we...
  3. C

    A Geordie Love Poem

    A Geordie love poem ! Of course I love ye pet yer a crackin top-notch bord and when ah say yer gorgeous ah mean every single word. So ya arse is on the big side, ah divvint mind a bit of flab It means that when a'm ready there's somethin there to grab. ...So yer belly isn't flat nee more ah...
  4. shirleyanntr

    happy birthday Geordie Nev

    can i be first to wish you a Happy Birthday Geordie Nev. why hinny forty fower thes just a babby.:hat::smile: best wishes
  5. kaplumba

    Happy Birthday Geordie Nev

    Happy Birthday Nev. He has been so helpful to me and did loads of work for the Pebble project. I love his interesting posts about Turkey too. I haven't seen him around here so much lately. Have a great day Nev. :114mf:
  6. suzyq

    Happy Birthday Geordie Nev

    Hope you have a super day
  7. L

    English to Geordie Translator

    I think there is quite a few Gerodies on this forum so i have found this Translator from English to Geordie You can find it HERE
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