1. butt007


    Hi all, here on outskirts of Konakli we are just having our first winter night power outage, went off at 4-00pm and still off!! Fortunately we have our own genny (10kva), we bought it last Feb after a series of long power outages, some might say "hey thats a big one" errrr--- if you know what...
  2. Mutley

    Chlorine generators for swimming pools

    I dont know if anybody is interested but you now can buy saltwater chlorine generators in Kusadasi. It's a lot more healthy for you and the kids, for those of you that have pools. I have read a lot on different forums about this system and it seems that Turkey is one of the countries that still...
  3. E

    Electric Generators

    Does anyone know the cost of an automatic electric generator? We are thinking of living in H in the not too distant future and, of course, will not want to be without our computers etc. We are all aware of the problem with the power cuts and our live in caretaker on our complex of 10 aparts...
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