1. S

    Annual General Meeting: Legal Challenge?

    We have just had our AGM and the following decisions were taken: 1. That the third party site management provider can write their own contract/specification in consultation with the HOA. Can this be legally challenged? 2. We tendered for a new Clubhouse provider (essentially a cafe and bar)...
  2. bickern

    How can I get a postal vote for the General Election

    Thought I would post this in case anyone is interested. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ What is a postal vote? In England, Scotland and Wales, you can choose to vote by post if you cannot or do not wish to attend your polling station in person...
  3. K

    UK General Election June 8th

    Mrs May has called a general election for June 8th.
  4. S

    General comparisons Turkey/Spain

    Been asked by a few to put something together on this but please bear in mind-these are GENERAL comparisons ( so let's not have any knobhead trawling the net to find minor differences) Also general views and opinions are solely based on my own experiences//knowledge and are of course entirely...
  5. mollag

    Todays General Election

    On the Isle of Man that is, will it be Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee ? Whichever one, this toon sorta sums it all up, and not just for over here. :Cry:
  6. L

    Uzumlu in General

    Hi, looks like we have sold our villa in Mavisehir and we have can,t decide where to go next. We've seen a lovely villa advertised in Uzumlu and will be visiting in a couple of weeks. Did drive upto the village in May, and thought it was wonderful, with just enough shops etc, and looks like a...
  7. suzyq

    General Strike Oct. 12-13

    Turkey’s leading labor unions and work organizations have declared a general strike Oct. 12-13 in order to protest Oct. 10’s double suicide bombing in Ankara with an official death toll of 97 people, one of the worst in Turkey’s history. The Confederation of Public Sector Trades’ Unions...
  8. B

    General Election and the NHS

    How many staff does the NHS need? - BBC News Before the General Election, I think that this is an article that politicians of all persuasions should read. Bill.
  9. tykatem

    TLF - UK General Election voting poll

    With just under 36 days to the General Election who will you be voting for. This is a totally scientific poll held to TLF standards, ie not scientific at all. Just a quick snapshot of where the TLF readership stands. Feel free to post your reason(s) for voting as you have done in the TLF...
  10. bickern

    UK residents overseas will be able to vote in UK's General Election

    This week the UK Electoral Commission has launched a dedicated overseas voter registration campaign. The campaign aims to encourage British citizens living overseas to register to vote ahead of the UK Parliamentary General Election, due to take place on Thursday 7 May 2015. To mark the start of...
  11. kemerkid

    General Mobile discovery elite 32GB

    Has anyone here on the forum owned one of these Turkish mobiles or know anyone who does? I am loath to pay 2000TL (£600) for a Samsung Galaxy S5 that is about to be superseded by the S6. The Elite has all of the S5 hardware but not all of the bells and whistles (which I would not want anyway)...
  12. John E Rose

    Help !!! - Iskan Problem (General & Personal)

    Hi I put this thread out some weeks ago and so far no replies!!!! I felt sure this was a common problem and some one on TLF would have information. So please, [please, please ........heres hoping!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi, we are trying to get our sitesi legalised still after 6 years!!! Problem we...
  13. John E Rose

    Changes to Iskan's (General & Personal)

    Hi, we are trying to get our sitesi legalised still after 6 years!!! Problem we believe our builder has not paid his SSK (Worker contributions) and possible tax on our Villa Park, so would not sign the villa park off with the Belediye and so recieve the general Iskan. We have talked to the...
  14. bickern

    General Chat

    I have moved some off topic stuff here.
  15. J

    Vegetarian in Bodrum (and in general in Turkey)

    Hello, Coming to Bodrum for two weeks in about a month... My girlfriend is a vegetarian - always has been, hasn't ever eaten any meat (has tasted both red and white meat in adult years, but didn't like it)... So, how do I find some vegetarian food for her? :noidea: I've understood so much...
  16. juco

    Will The General Public See The Truth Now

    The Royal British Legion has announced a 72% increase in former soldiers being denied ESA after an Atos Assessment. This is about men & women who’ve gone to war and been injured in the line of duty. The government don’t want the truth to be known by the wider public, the government wish to...
  17. martin m

    General Finances

    Hi all Looking through the News in Turkey section of the voices newspaper, i came across this. The rate cut is probably driven by concern the lira may become overvalued as the surge in Turkey’s stock and bond markets draws in money. The central bank took separate action to rein in a pickup...
  18. T

    General facts about turkish men

    Hello everyone ! This is my first topic on the forum, so I don't know if I'm posting it on the suitable section or not. I met a turkish young man (22 years old) in Istanbul a month ago. Since then, we've been keeping in touch via internet. He's a kind and lovely person. Always asking after...
  19. E

    Need help with a general question

    I came back from Alanya about a month ago. When I was there my wife and I fell in love with an apartment complex in Cikcilli called Alanya Park Residence. For us everything about it seemed perfect EXCEPT one thing. The Apartments bedroom window was facing the street and about 25 meters on the...
  20. P

    First time, General advice tips please

    Hello All, I will be staying in Alanya from late June for 10 nights with my 4 (nearly 5) year old son. Staying at the Parador Hotel, I dont have high expectations about the Parador I understand its basic but "nice"? I've done enough research into Alanya but after reading through this forum I...
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