1. E

    Gemiler Bay

    Has anyone else been to Gemiler Bay near Kayakoy and been asked to pay 2.5 lira EACH for access to the bay? We were told 2.5 lira each but nothing for car!!!
  2. KKOB

    3 Shot Dead at Gemiler Beach

    A young man from Belen is in hospital with a serious self-inflicted gunshot wound after shooting dead his uncle, aunt and a cousin at Gemiler Beach on Saturday 6th October.
  3. S

    Fishing In Oludeniz & Gemiler Bay

    Hi everyone (who knows the taste of Lurefishing at the Mediterranean Sea) Greater amberjack,Grouper,Large eyed dentex,Blue spotted seabream, Wahoo,Atlantic bonito,Leerfish,Large grouper,Barracuda and Dolphinfish season was started. I sail by a Northstar 190 cc from Gemiler Bay near of...
  4. J

    Gemiler Beach Rip Off

    Warning,we visited gemiler beach,we were greeted by the restaurant owners with, use my sunbeds free if you eat at my restaurant.It cost us £24 for two beers one water and two plates of chips.Other people i know say the same thing has happened to them.All the restaurants on the beach charge the...
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