1. GnD

    HoŞ Geldiniz to all Olivium owners

    HoŞ Geldiniz to all Hello All, :gathering Just to reiterate there is a get together at 4pm on 4th April 2007 at Yosun, post if new, interested and in Dalaman at that time. Debbie
  2. Lynda

    hoş geldiniz

    I see there has been a lot of new members in the past few weeks and I being away and then not too good I have not had the time I would like to offer my congratulations at joıning this great site... so welcome, take up a pen ( well keyboard) and join in.. we are friendly - most of the time, funny...
  3. madturkishcow

    Hoþ Geldiniz Paul

    Günaydin Paul:D Welcome to the wacky,wonderful world of us Turkophiles[8D]Anything you want to ask, fire away.Sit down and I will bring you a nice cold Efes, when I have done the washing up!:D[}:)][8D]
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