1. H

    anywhere to have gel nails done

    h does anyone know if there is anywhere in dalyan or ortaca or dalaman where i can get gel nails done
  2. H

    Gel nails

    Hi does anyone know where I can get a decent set of gel nails done that do not charge the earth xx
  3. P

    Gel nails available in yalikavak

    Attention Ladies : Gel Nails are now available in Yalikavak A qualified/licensed German trained lady named Selin is available to do full-set and fills of Gel Nails. Paraffin wax hand treatment is also available. Location: Cafe Rouge (opp. the basketball court and the Marina)...
  4. scotssteve

    Gel Nails ?

    No witty comments please I have a good lady friend who would like to get Gel rather than acrylic nails - can any of our local TLF members please tell me where & if possible how much? Thanks in advance:5:
  5. J

    slimming club and gel nails

    hı everyone ı am lookıng for feedback regardıng openıng a slimmimg club twıce a week and a home nail servıce as an ex slimming world consultant ı have the traınıng along wıth new ideas for living here in turkey rgards julia
  6. J

    gel nail

    hı have heard there ıs a new naıl bar opened ın turgutrıes can anyone help??
  7. H

    Acrylic and Gel Nails

    Hi, I'm Helen and have been in and about Didim for some years now, I have started a nail/manicure and pedicure service together with infills and general nail repairs, please feel free to contact me on here by email or my Turkish contact numbers are GSM 0090 5445707129 or Home on 0090 2568136759.
  8. M

    Free Sports Gel Stuff

    Don't actually know what this is but its free!!!!
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