1. bickern

    Gear up for new political movement’

    This could be interesting if Abdullah Gül throws his hat in. Abdullah Gül lost a lot of support when he appeared to back down and failed to stand up to Arty but who knows; someone needs to take the reins and form a credible opposition to the AKP because the CHP certainly isn't up to the job...
  2. B

    camping gear

    anybody know where it is possible to purchase camping gear fethiye / dalaman way ? .
  3. R

    Any Gear . Petrol Heads

    Not sure if this is the right forum. Would like to get a "cheap" second car. Something that has the most smiles per gallon. From the US so most of these cars are not available in the states and I have no experience with them.
  4. T

    Fake Ugg Boots & Other Designer Gear ?? Help Please

    Hi Everyone, I am wondering if you can buy ugg boots and other designer goods from alanya I have previously bought them from Marmaris and other places but we are venturing to a different part of Turkey this time, I would really like to buy some for my duaghter and grandaughter. Any help...

    top Gear

    We have 4 tickets for the filming of top Gear , so off with Pete and the 2 sons tomorrow. Quite excited , ive met Jeremy Clarkson before , but hoping the guests are A class ! :16vf:
  6. GnD

    Confectionary Quiz - It's fun and easy when your head get into gear

    1. Cinderella’s Favourite 2. Well Made Road 3. Fallen Fruit 4. From a Mediterranean Island 5. Reward a Paper Towel 6. Anchor Whiskey 7. Churchill’s Sign 8. Star System 9. Low Noise Germ 10. Cosmic Explosion 11. Add to 12. Lactic Silver 13. Clever Dicks 14. Flower In a Swamp 15. Hairy Hound 16...
  7. immac

    Fly Fishing gear

    I'm looking for a shop, within reasonable travel distance of Fethiye, that has a good selection of Fly Fishing gear - including rods. Also, any information on good fishing spots between Antalya and Mugla? :fish2:
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