1. V

    Isbank GBP charges

    Isbank has started charging a fee to withdraw GBP from its cash machines, following Garanti's decision to charge last year. Isbank is charging a flat fee of £4 per transaction whatever the amount of GBP you take out. However it has also dropped the daily amount you can take from £500 a day to...
  2. N

    banking exchange TRY to GBP now?

    hi all i need to exchange TL back to pound about 60k but exchange rate just shot up does any body think it may drop a bit soon or should i do it now thanks for any help
  3. S

    GBP to TL Exchange Rates

    Hi All Does anybody know how to get the best GBP interest rate over in Turkey. I hope to receive the proceeds of a villa sale soon and Garanti have just quoted a paltry 1.5%. Any ideas anyone? Thanks and best iwshes, Sunseeker
  4. Kingfisher

    Cash a cheque in GBP in Turkey - is it possible?

    I have been given a cheque in pounds Sterling and no longer have a bank account in the UK. Does anyone know of a Turkish bank that would accept it into a Sterling account or is that now mission impossible?
  5. gally

    Changing TL to GBP

    Hi can anyone advise please? I need about £5k from my TL account. Should I change it to GBP here in Turkey and send it back (free bank transfer) or to take back in TL and change to GBP in UK? It seems as though the rate would be better in UK, anyone got any advice please, thanks...
  6. A

    No Lira to GBP?

    Why are there no Lira exchange rates on here any more? ? ? :kitapoku:
  7. Fran Dessop

    What to take on Holiday - Lira or Pounds (TL or GBP)?

    From the little that I've read on the subject I am getting the impression that our holiday money might be half and half. Meaning, take Turkish Lira to get by for the first few days, but also take Sterling (Pounds) and exchange them on holiday. Could any of you wise travellers and semi-permanent...

    Living on 53 gbp !

    Could you live on 53gbp per week?For sure this numpty could not. Over 150,000 sign petition to have Tory live on £53 per week - UK News | Online Newspaper | The Irish Times - Tue, Apr 02, 2013
  9. B

    Transferring GBP into TL account, how much of a loss

    Hi All Wondering if some one can help. We need to transfer a balance of 66,950 TL. We have the money in a Barclays saving account here in UK. Have been told we cannot have Internet banking for our Turkish account until we set it up in person on our next visit. We do have a GBP & TL account in...
  10. T

    GBP to TL

    I have 2 accounts at Garanti Bank in Turkey, 1 in GBP 1 in TL. How do I transfer money from GBP to TL
  11. J

    sending GBP to Turkish bank

    Hi Can anyone help us? we are trying to send our villa deposit to a Turkish bank account but all the sites we have been on want to convert the money into Lira & he wants £ is there a way to do this easily & cheap our bank [Yorkshire bank] wants to charge us £24. Thanks
  12. N

    Turkish Lira, GBP or Credit Card

    Hi, We have just bought an apartment in Ovacik (exciting !) and am coming out next month to furnish it. Does anyone know if we are better bringing cash - if so in Turkish Lira or GBP or getting cash locally (again Turkish Lira or GBP) or using a credit card for the whole lot (if so is there...
  13. G

    Apartment to rent 255 GBP per month fully Furnished dalaman

    Hi, I have an apartment to rent fully furnished two bedroom- two bathroom apartment on the 1st floor Botanic Gardens, dalaman. The rent per month is 255 GBP + maintenance fee 50 GBP per month and bills are not included and must be paid locally. I accept paypal payment or bank transfer into a...
  14. C

    Withdrawing GBP ATM's

    I went to Kusadasi last weekend and saw a cash machine which gave Euro's, Lira and Sterling. I withdrew £20 just to see what my bank would charge me and it was a flat rate of £20 + £2 service charge. I then had a brainwave that if I withdraw the maximum number of £'s from an ATM, I can take the...
  15. Helenm150

    TL to GBP

    Good morning everyone, can anyone advise the method for changing TL into GBP that will give the best rate of return - in the region of 12,000 TL? Thanks in advance, Helen
  16. M

    Why do you need a TL and a GBP bank account?

    Hi all Just opened two accounts TL and GBP with Garanti. Not sure why we need two. Could someone let me know please? I am thinking of putting some money in the Garanti account and may want to withdraw Sterling from it (via internet to UK account), can this be done? Thanks Caroline
  17. luddendenturk

    TL v GBP

    What is happening Guys? Monday morning Forex 2.52. Tuesday night Forex 2.41. That's a 5% drop in 48 hours! Any clues?
  18. R

    GBP to YTL rate

    Can somebody let me know whether I would get a better rate converting my GBP to YTL here in the UK or in Bodrum. It would be great if someone can post TODAY'S YTL tourist rate currently being offered in Bodrum, or even better point me to a turkish website showing today's rate. Regards Ramzy
  19. peter the postie

    Fully equipped 2 Bedroom apt Altinkum for sale 25'000 gbp

    NOW SOLD...Fully equipped 2 Bedroom apt Altinkum for sale 25'000 gbp Sold to the lovely french couple :) ... BIG THANKS to Kym for being a perfect power of attorney holder :blowkiss: 4 year old 2 Bedroom ground floor apartment in Altinkum for sale. Ideally situated just a 7 minute...
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