1. G

    Jewish ship sails to break Gazza blockade

    A ship carring relief supplies organised and crewed by the British "Jews for Justice for Palistinians" and some other jewish organisations, has set sail from Cyprus and is heading for Gazza. I hope you would join me in wishing them a safe and succesful voyage. This voyage is, in part, a response...
  2. P

    Gazza in hospital.

    Paul Gascoigne: England World Cup Hero In Hospital In Newcastle Following Road Crash | UK News | Sky News
  3. R

    Israeli forces enter Gazza

    All the major news channels covering live the Isreli ground forces entering Gazza. Does not seem to be large numbers of troops at present but a lot of explosions can be seen in the city.... Cheers Dave ..
  4. no-nem

    Gazza sectioned

    I see 'our Gazza' has been arrested and sectioned under the mental health act. very strange.
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