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    direct flights from amsterdam to gazipasa

    There is a direct flight from amsterdam to gazipasa using transavia aircraft. This is a charter flight so I cannot book it with transavia. can you advise me how I can book this flight. Which tour operator do I need to contact? Thanking you
  2. M

    Luggage carousel in Gazipasa airport?

    I used Gazipasa airport once just when it opened a few years ago and the luggage was transported to the terminal on a truck. Has there been improvements and is there a luggage carousel now?
  3. F

    Villa in gazipasa,Long term rent only

    Lovely villa just outside Gazipasa city, 10 minutes from the airport of Gazipasa. long term rent is very cheap. the villa is located on a hilltop overlooking the Taurus Mountains, sea, forest and city. There are three wonderful beaches to choose from. Gazipasa is a very friendly and inexpensive...
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    Im back- greetings to all in here

    I used to write,and read, in here as Flemeni some years ago, my special interest was, and is, the lovely town Gazipasa, where we still have our villa some 10 min driving from the expanding airport. im still in love with that little town- and fear the growing signs of a new touristic adventure...
  5. E

    Car Hire Gazipasa

    Hello there. I wonder if anyone could let me know of any reasonably priced car hire in Gazipasa. have been searching the internet endlessly and am getting excessive quotes. many thanks.
  6. S

    Gazipasa on Euro Sport 2 Today

    Gazipasa on eurosport 2 at 13:00 UK time today - 21.04.2013
  7. G

    The green oasis in gazipasa

    Just to let all our friends and customers know the change of website adresses. The cafe is now the-green-oasis-cafe dot tk The real estate site is now gazipasa-realestate dot tk And our online shop is now konradshopping dot tk/old Sorry for the inconvienience but the old domains crashed and...
  8. C

    Alanya to Gazipasa and back

    Hey All, I was just wondering if there was a shuttle service from Alanya to the Gazipasa airport and vice versa? If so, is it like A2B or 724? How do you schedule a trip? Thank you! Cici
  9. K

    Car Hire Gazipasa Airport

    Does anyone on the forum have information on reliable car hire companies operating from Gazipasa Airport
  10. M

    Flights to Gazipasa

    Any update on flights to Gazipasa for 2013 season "Thomas Cook are doing a trial three month season 2013 believe it will be from Gatwick." or are all of us departing London dependent on Pegasus Airlines from Stansted via Istanbul.
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    Dose anyone know what airlines fly from uk to Gazipasa???? Thanks :Flower:
  12. M

    booking flights to gazipasa

    Where can you book flights to Gazipasa. On the neckermann website you can book flights from Amsterdam. You can also book flights from Amsterdam on the corendon website. Where else can you book flights from Europe to Gazipasa?
  13. B

    Gazipasa Flights 2012

    Hello Just been looking for flights that go from Amsterdam to Gazipasa without sucess. Can anyone shed any light on just flights only. We live in Cardiff so Cardiff to Amsterdam then on to Gazipasa. Need to look at times / dates/ costs if its worth the hassle or not. Thanks in advance Branchyboy
  14. F

    cost of living gazipasa

    Me and my good lady are seriously thinking of moving to Turkey as she has been made rudundant here in the uk. We have been to Alanya and like the look of gazapaso? but have heard that other parts of turkey might be better for a good expat scene. The big question is whether we can afford to live...
  15. T

    Gazipasa airport to Tosmur

    Hi Do any of you use Gazipasa airport or do most of you still use Antalya airport? If you use Gazipasa what is the cheapest route from London?:27br::27br::27br: Has anyone used the free bus from Tosmur to Gazipasa airport or from the airport to Tosmur?:27br:
  16. Moochin

    Gazipasa Meet

    Thought I'd dedicate a thread to this brilliant idea (Ok I just wanted to add more activity to Gazipasa Forum, lol) If anyone is up for a Turkish Living Gazipasa meeting post here. Could we possibly do it in the first two weeks of September though, so that I can join you also :D
  17. ANDY2UK

    Gazıpaşa Aırport

    Hı All As some have you may have already notıce I have done a few posts recently on Gazıpaşa Aırport. I have good contacts ın the know about what ıs happenıng and when. I wıll try to post the latest news about the Aırport as soon as I receıve ıt........I also wanted to be the fırst to use thıs...
  18. gerald

    Gazipaşa Airport

    This article gives a good summary of the airport's situation: From Hurriyet Daily News Sunday, November 15, 2009 Gazipaşa Airport waiting for Godot’s plane
  19. B

    Gazipasa Airport

    Can anybody tell me if there is much progress with Gazipasa airport. When is it due to open. Is there much building work going on in Gazipasa near the beaches? Is there any work being done on the Gazipasa marina?
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