1. gerald

    Gazipaşa Mayor in custody

    From Wednesday, July 06 Gazipaşa mayor taken into custody after raid Ten people, including the mayor, deputy mayor and several municipal workers from the Gazipaşa district of the southern province of Antalya, were all taken into custody Tuesday due to alleged corruption...
  2. shirleyanntr

    round and about Gazipaşa

    There is more to Gazipaşa than the airport although that seems to be the only thing that ever gets a mention here So lets have a look around. Gazipaşa is about 45 kilometres from Alanya on a winding road that has some great views..and also goes through the ancient town of İotape..or Aytap as...
  3. I

    Gazipaşa - Hotel

    Can anyone who knows the area recommend any hotels for overnight accommodation please. Thanks
  4. shirleyanntr

    get ready for Gazipaşa

    its a couple of years ago since i did this little piece about Gazipaşa and some things are still relevant..a few may have changed. ..(.hopefully the bit about the unusable airport) However its still a charming little place and worth a day out. ive been told that a flight to Istanbul is about...
  5. shirleyanntr

    Gazipaşa sub forum needed!

    everywhere seems to have sub forums... but we ...over here ......have only Alanya... boo hoo :boohoo: and this covers avsallar :) payallar :) Türkler :) Konaklı :) Alanya West :) Alanya East :) Oba :) Çikçilli :) Tosmur :) Kestel :) Mahmutlar:) Kargıcak :)Demirtaş :) and all of...
  6. donss

    directions to Deniz Yolu, Gazipaşa

    Can anyone give me directions to (or a map of the area) Marmalik, Deniz Yolu, Gazipaşa, coming from Side / Manavgat??? Thanks in advance.
  7. donss

    Looking for Jill & Andrew Leake, Gazipaşa

    Hi: Not sure if anyone can help, but I'm looking for Jill & Andrew Leake of Deniz Yolu, Gazipaşa..... We're coming over to our place in Ilica next week, and taking a couple of friends of ours, who intend visiting Jill & Andrew Leake when we are there: Any one know exactly where they are...
  8. gerald

    Gazipaşa Airport

    This article gives a good summary of the airport's situation: From Hurriyet Daily News Sunday, November 15, 2009 Gazipaşa Airport waiting for Godot’s plane
  9. gerald

    Fires in Gazipaşa

    From TODAY'S ZAMAN 25 August 2009, Tuesday 17 forest fires destroy 503 hectares in one day A series of forest fires, seven of which were simultaneous, broke out in 17 areas across Turkey on Sunday. They were fanned by the wind and destroyed 503 hectares of forest and cultivated land in the...
  10. shirleyanntr

    bad news for Gazipaşa.

    i havent read all the article yet...but it seems that large planes will not be able to land in Gazipaşa after all...and there is a lot of fury between different parties concerned..i will tell you more when i have all thew details....big shock.
  11. shirleyanntr

    Yes! Gazipaşa Airport is on

    Finally its offical ..the government and TAV have signed an agreement for operating Alanya-Gazipaşa Airport. this is from Todays OrangeAlanya paper. ''Airport Operation Company TAV could assert itself for Gazipasa Airport for a leasehold of 50 000 USD per year and a participation on profit of...
  12. gerald

    Gazipaşa Airport story takes off

    Thought that we should upgrade this from rumor status, now that TAV has "won the right" to operate the airport. From Turkish daily news yesterday: The announcement last week that Tepe Akfen Airports Holding (TAV) won the right to operate the Gazipaşa Airport near Alanya for 25 years has led...
  13. shirleyanntr


    Gazipaşa Gazipaşa is a small town about 36 kilometres east of Alanya. İts the place that has a new but unusable airport. İt's also a place of great natural beauty it has a ruined castle on a hill overlooking the sea. With a huge and deep natural harbour there are plans to make Gazipaşa a...
  14. shirleyanntr

    gazipaşa airport

    from an alanya newspaper Gazipaşa Airport For many years there has been a lively debate about the need for a second airport for the Antalya Region (Kemer, Side, Manavgat and Alanya). At present this area is served by Antalya International Airport (Terminal 1 opened in 1998 and Terminal 2 in...
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