1. D

    Bomb Blast in Gaziantep.

    A Bomb Blast at a Wedding last night has Killed at least 30 and Wounded 94 according to Reports. Hope everyone's safe.
  2. T

    Gaziantep police pushing a policeman forcing him to fire gas at people

    This is Turkey - this is what Erdogan calls democracy! Scrooll down click on Amirden Polis Memurua: Sik Ian Sik and watch their behaviour. Valiliðe yürümek isteyen esnaf grubuna biber gazlý müdahale - Hürriyet GÜNDEM
  3. shirleyanntr


    Gaziantep is one of the largest and developed cities in Eastern Turkey, it has a long history and has had several name changes over the centuries. Gaziantep is situated near the Syrian border and has close ties with Aleppo another town with a unique history which also has a lot to recommend it...
  4. K


    To explore the sites along Turkey's southern border, take the highway which connects Gazi Antep, Sanli Urfa and Mardin to Syria and Iraq. Gazi Antep city is not a resort but the city and its surrounding areas are well worth...
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