1. V

    New British Airways London Gatwick to Antalya direct route launched today

    I had totally missed this, but luckily for me my daughter told me about it tonight. British Airways have released direct flights from Gatwick to Antalya, starting on 30th April next year & going up until almost the end of September. Currently you can get return flights for just under £140. You...
  2. A

    Very inexpensive flights Gatwick to Antalya return

    There are 2 amazing flight offers at present ... from Gatwick to Antalya direct return ... (1) 28th August to 12th September via TUI Airlines at £84 return ... (2) 1st to 15th December via EasyJet at £65 return ... x Angela in Side x :31::croc:
  3. Akasya

    Gatwick or Heathrow

    It has been announced that Chris Grayling will announce at 12:30 on tue 25/10/2016 in the HOC as to the Governments current thinking. Do readers have a view or preference as to which of the airports ( or any other suggestions made ) should be backed by the government. My personal concern is...
  4. christella

    Compensation for flight Bodrum to gatwick

    The flight was delayed for over 3hours Thomas cook 4thjune 2012 iits just been confirmed we r getting 800 Euros before stoppages Anybody on that flight let me know
  5. G

    Return flight Gatwick to Bodrum rtn £99 + name change

    Hi, I have a flight for sale from Gatwick on 9th May leaving at 07.10 am arriving bodrum 13.10 returning gatwick 27th May departing Bodrum 13.55 arriving 16.00 £99 plus name change. Grab a garbain :3:
  6. D

    Gatwick evacuated

    Gatwick North Terminal has just been Evacuated after a man was found to be carrying a Gun/Grenade in his Bag.
  7. A

    £79 return Gatwick to Antalya next week!

    There is a flight on Thomson Airlines for just £79 return from Gatwick to Antalya from 4th to 18th September if anyone wants a last minute bargain?
  8. O

    Flight ticket - Izmir to Gatwick 30th Jun, return to Izmir 8th Jul

    Due to unforeseeable circumstances, a friend of mine is unable to use her Easyjet Flights from Izmir to Gatwick on 30th June and Gatwick to Izmir 8th July. If anyone is interested in buying these, please PM me or send me your email any other way and I will put you in touch with my friend. The...
  9. C

    £39.99 Bodrum - Gatwick

    Just booked flight for £39.99 with Thomsons for june! Cant grumble with that price!
  10. D

    100 BILLION BARRELS OF OIL discovered near Gatwick Airport.

    UK Oil & Gas Investments, the exploration, development and production group, just revealed that it discovered around 100 billion barrels of oil near Gatwick Airport. The group said in a regulatory statement that there could be up to 100 billion barrels of oil onshore beneath the South of...
  11. juco

    Virgin plane makes emergency landing at gatwick

    BBC News - Virgin Atlantic jet lands safely with landing gear problem I happened to catch this on BBC news while it was still in flight, so went on to radar24 to track it. Flippin heck, can you imaging just after take off being told there is an issue and we are returning.....So they flew around...
  12. G

    BA flights Gatwick - Bodrum from next April

    BA have announced Gatwick - Bodrum or Dalaman as a new route from next April. Fares from £89 one way. New flight routes and destinations from British Airways
  13. T

    Transfer from Heathrow to Gatwick (and return)

    Anyone know the quickest and cheapest way to transfer between the London airports? I can't seem to find anything under £50 for the 2 of us.
  14. D

    Cheap flights December to Gatwick

    Thomas Cook are flying weekly to Gatwick in December. Just paid 17 euros one way without bags.
  15. R

    Gatwick Airport-Xmas Eve Compensation

    Hi, We finally received our vouchers in compensation for the hell we were put through on Xmas Eve at Gatwick Airport. We received £100 each in High St vouchers-no compensation for the living hell of the North terminal-and a Xmas totally ruined-but at least it's better than nothing. Has anyone...
  16. S

    Flight from Gatwick to Dalaman 29/12/2013 for sale

    I now need to travel back from Manchester instead. This flight leaves gatwick st 14.30 on 29th December £50 you to pay admin costs if you are interested then pm me please
  17. C

    4 return flights for sale Gatwick to DLM Aug

    We have 4 (possibly 5) return Easyjet flights for sale Gatwick to Dalaman. August 13th to 27th. Offers in the region of £200 to £210 each. You pay for the name change and charges. Please pm me if interested.
  18. juco

    Flight returned 2/5/13 to Gatwick

    I see the flight from gatwick to dalaman took off around 8 ish this morning and then had to return to gatwick, Will be a shortened holiday for some unlucky people.
  19. suecheshireuk

    Easyjet Gatwick to Izmir

    Does anyone know if this route operates mid March? Thanks a lot Sue xx
  20. tomc1984

    Time to kill at Gatwick

    Need to hang around Gatwick next week for almost 7 hours, anyone got any good ideas to fill the time. Thought about train to Brighton, only half an hour for a look around,. providing we can check our luggage in early.
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