1. A

    'Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering July 20th - 27th 2014

    Northern Soul Gathering will take place for 1 week at the Venosa Beach Resort & Spa, Didim Altinkum 20th - 27th July 2014. For further details contact K.T.F :)
  2. A

    'Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering 21st - 28th July 2014

    Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering 2014 Turkey 'Factor 50' Northern Soul Gathering 2014 21 July - 28th July 2014 The Venosa Hotel Beach Resort & Spa - Altinkum/Didim TURKEY PM for further details Keep The Faith! :3: .
  3. shirleyanntr

    Turkish protests

    The protests that have been ongoing in Gezi Park ─░stanbul are finally reaching a wider audience and it may make the world wake up to what is going on here. The protests which started off as a refusal to allow part of Taksim square to be redeveloped for yet another shopping Mall has taken off as...
  4. T

    The gathering

    Seen an advert on TV for holidaying in Ireland Apparently its The Year of The Gathering So what is the Gathering in Ireland,what does it all mean and should we be encouraged to join in,or is an ancient Celtic Band of Brothers returning from there travels across the globe
  5. Freedom 49

    Gathering Dust. Unused Tools.

    Saw this in the paper today, Top 10 under-used Kitchen Gadgets gathering dust. The list was drawn up from a survey but it left me wondering about the people they chose to survey? 1. Toasted sandwich maker. 26% 2. Food processor. 21% 3. Slow cooker. 19% 4. George...
  6. Bubskar

    Free the Dolphins Protest gathering

    A legal protest/gathering has been organised for 2nd July. Assembly point is at the roundabout opposite the Robin Hood Restaurant in Hisaranou at 17.00 hours. The emphasis is on a PEACEFUL protest with a walk through Hisaranou drawing attention to the fact that a Dolphinarium is not welcome in...
  7. P

    Social Gathering

    Just in case anyone's missed it Apollo (aka Paul) is arranging a social get together for this Friday 2/11 for men only. The plan is for this to become a monthly event on the first Friday of each month. In his words "The idea is to get together for a chat, have a drink or two and to organize the...
  8. merlin

    Forum Gathering in Akbuk - 4th and 14th October

    So it looks like to benefit everyone who wants to make the journey to Akbuk, we require two meetings. No problem! Please only vote for ONE set of dates or the other. You can however vote for multiple dates in each meeting, ie. 4th and 5th but dont vote for BOTH MEETINGS please.
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