1. juco

    At least never knew they were being gassed!

    The NYC – MTA subway gas tests, have backfired as New Yorkers are angry having found out what likely health costs the testing brings along with it. For agreeing to ‘participate’ in these tests as human guinea pigs, New Yorkers may now face early menopause, failure of the reproductive organs...
  2. arrian

    gassed while they sleep

    i think there was a thread on a similar thing happening in Spain, now it's the French Riviera being targeted. Gassed in their beds by Riviera robbers: Terrifying ordeal of the British tourists falling victim to Mediterranean gang crimewave | Mail Online
  3. J

    Gassed and Robbed

    News of the World reports today three women gassed in their hotel room in Kusadasi on the first night of their holiday. The theives sprayed them with nitrous oxide, a gas used by dentists. Thousands of pounds of jewellery, cash and cards were stolen, leaving the women with only a few quid to...
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