1. K

    Gas & Electricity Prices up again.

    A third rise in prices for both domestic and industrial consumers was announced today October 1st. The triple tariff overnight banding charges will be higher than the single tariff rises. A commentator said that rises announced on the first day of a month are not taken into account for...
  2. M

    Gas Lift Chair

    My printer died, so bought a new one. Because under my desk is worse than spaghetti junction, I decided to take my chair out so I could crawl about under the desk easier. Mistake!!! After a lot of hard work, hubby and I got the chair out. However, we then decided that it would be easier to...
  3. V

    Shopping for a gas heater

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy a portable gas heater in the Side/Manavgat area.
  4. B

    Gas & Electric Charges

    Hi All, I am coming out to Turkey soon and would like some information regarding heating and fuel current charges. I will need to have a supply of bottled Gas for my Combi Boiler due to a change in the supply of bulk fuel and I was wondering if there was a different rate and, or delivery cost...
  5. G

    Re: Gas Fire

    Re: Gas Fire Has anyone got a gas fire they want to sell or do you know someone who is selling one? If so, could you please send me a message and I will give you my mobile number to get details. If the fire has a fan on it, not a problem. I know there are many people who are selling up and...
  6. F

    Gas Heater

    Hi can anyone advise where i can buy a new gas heater in Didim the type that works off bottled gas? thanks in advance
  7. J

    Camping gas stove

    Hi All Does anyone know where I can buy a small camping stove around the Yalikavak Area. Thanks for any help Jodwina
  8. Spurs

    Its a gas !!

    Looking at the protests & rioting that hits various European countries, it make me think we are about 20 year's at least in front of them. Perhaps this is one of the reasons people want to move here............a lack of tear gas maybe? Labour reform protests keep pressure on French government...
  9. T

    Gas Boiler Servicing

    Hi, does anybody know anybody who services gas central heating boilers locally? just trying to avoid the outlandish costs of getting Demir Dokum to do it.
  10. R

    Good quality Gas station?

    What Gas station sell good quality Diesel? Was advised that a bad tank can really cost you.
  11. staceman

    calor gas heater

    Hi all can anyone advise where we can buy a calor gas heater in Fethiye. Thanks in advance.
  12. T

    Gaziantep police pushing a policeman forcing him to fire gas at people

    This is Turkey - this is what Erdogan calls democracy! Scrooll down click on Amirden Polis Memurua: Sik Ian Sik and watch their behaviour. Valiliðe yürümek isteyen esnaf grubuna biber gazlý müdahale - Hürriyet GÜNDEM
  13. kemerkid

    Tear gas exports to Turkey

    During the almost one-month-long Gezi protests, which spread all across Turkey, more than 10,000 people were injured, with some losing an eye, due to the excessive use of tear gas, water cannon and plastic bullets, based on data from the Ankara-based Human Rights Association (İHD). According to...
  14. DRACEY

    Gas heaters

    I was recently looking for portable gas heaters in Turgutreis but could only see the large gas heaters that require a flue. Admittedly I didn't look very carefully but just observed what was on display outside shops. So, coming to the point, are there mobile Calor gas type heaters available in...
  15. suzyq

    9% increase in gas, electricity prices

    Electricity and natural gas prices will be increased by 9 percent as of next month, Turkey's Energy Minister Taner Yıldız said on Tuesday. Speaking at a press conference, Yıldız said the government has not increased energy prices for the past 24 months but that the lack of sufficient...
  16. J

    Gas Bottles - refund??

    May seem a strange question, but as I know you always pay more for your very first gas bottle, if you have a spare one empty can you return that and get some money back??!!!
  17. A

    Gas Bottle cost in Turkey?

    Anyone have an idea of the cost of a new gas bottle for the cooker and what sort of deposit is required
  18. C

    gas heaters

    Hi Guys, well we all know its cold!!! does anybody know if you can buy a calor gas heater in Alanya area?? can't say I have ever seen any but curious would be handy now its so cold keep electric bill down a bit as ours is always high thanks xx:42mb:
  19. S

    Bottled Gas Fire/Heaters

    Does anyone use one of these as their main form of heating, if so roughly how long does the gas bottle last please? Are the ones with an electric convector better do you think?
  20. yalimart

    Free gas and Electric ?

    Free gas and electric ? yes if you are one of us ! Our "honourable" members of parliament still have their noses well and truly buried in the trough Some of the wealthiest people in the country, claim the cost of their energy bills from the tax payer All in it together ? not a chance ! MPs...
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