1. yalimart

    Garlic Bread

    This morning after a few bubbles with our friend last night we agreed to log all our devices into various ticket outlets to try and get 4 tickets for next years Peter Kay tour, what a night mare I had 2 computers trying, the others tablets and phones if you managed to progress the tickets went...
  2. arrian

    Black garlic

    coming to Tescos in May Tesco Sells Garlic In Bizarre New Shade - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
  3. arrian

    Roast Garlic Soup

    i've just found this recipe and it sounds lovely, hoping to make it later today. Ingredients 1 1/2 lb potatoes 3 1/2 fl oz creme fraiche 1 lge onion Whole garlic bulb 3 tbspn Olive oil 2 tbsp chopped Parsley and Chives 1 3/4 pints Vegetable stock Salt/Pepper to taste Method Peel and chop...
  4. KKOB


    Here are a couple of tips for things to do with Garlic which is plentiful and cheap here in Turkey. Peel the garlic and place it in a screwtop jar, then cover it with Olive Oil. The garlic cloves will keep for several weeks in the oil. You get a bonus with this method as the oil becomes infused...
  5. zozatky

    Why you musnt eat to much Garlic

    It helps more than your blood system..!!! But dont eat to much.
  6. Andy

    Wild Garlic

    Does anyone know what wild Garlic looks like. We have something that smells of Garlic growing around the garden, it's still young and about 6 inches tall, long round shoots which if left develop into seed heads. Any Pictures would help alot thanks.
  7. A

    Beat the cold with garlic

    For those who dont like taking medicines and doesnt have alergies on garlik. Take 11 cloves of garlik and one middle size onion, cut them in small pieces (about rice size), boil with 200 gr water until the half of water is gone. after that filter away the flesh, and mix the remaining solution...
  8. Mushtaq


    SarImsaklI Yogurtlu Havuç Sote Grated Carrot Sauté with Garlic Yogurt Ingredients: 6 carrots half cup of olive oil half cup of yogurt two garlic cloves half teaspoon of salt Procedure Preparation Steps: 1. Mash the garlic cloves, mix thoroughly with the yogurt. 2. Grate the...
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