1. flowerpotman

    Gardening in Turkey

    A home grown account of one mans battle with the vegetable plot and garden landscaping. Hopefully from my mistakes you will learn how to grow tasty veg. Hope you find it interesting please like follow or whatever it is you do.
  2. juco

    Gardening, I hope this works.

    When I go on holiday I have 36 x3 inch pots with seedlings. I intend to put them on a large tray sitting on several layers of newspaper, tilt the tray slightly so there is a deep & shallow end. the pots will be at the shallow end, the idea being that the pots will soak up water from the wet...
  3. altinkum kev

    Gardening in Bulgaria

    Gardening is such hard work, but we are getting there.
  4. K

    winter gardening

    does anyone know what sort of work can be done in the garden during the winter months. Is it ok to prune plants, eg rosebuses etc.
  5. northpole

    Your likes in gardening

    l wondered how others view gardening as. Do some find it a worthless burden that is to be avoided at all cost.Or does others look at gardening as a wonderful opportunity to boost their well being. l for one just adore gardening because it generates so many rewards free from mother nature. What...
  6. perfect1949

    for all your gardening needs in Ortokent

    they have everything at this garden center , from weedkiller they even have round up . they have got alot of pet accessories as well . the staff their are very helpful . it is situated past kipa on the why back to Yalikavak . dave
  7. B

    gardening costs in Akbuk

    Any good gardeners that are prepared to do weeding in Akbuk? Mel.
  8. L

    gardening and pool maintenance costs in Dalyan

    Have recently completed on a villa in Dalyan. Does anyone know a good gardner/pool man and how much is the going rate.
  9. M

    Gardening help

    I need help to water our garden in a period of 8 days. Morning and evning. Any suggestion how/where to find somebody? :humble:
  10. arrian

    naked gardening!

    rather ironic that today is "Naked Gardening Day"! don't think i'll be joining in though, too b****y cold here at the moment, plus i think my plants would shrivel up and die if they saw me in the raw!! Phwoar-ticultural: It's Naked Gardening Day - Yahoo! News UK :Flower:
  11. bobthenob

    Charity gardening

    l didn't know which section to put this in.But,please move it to the appropiate place if this is not place for it OK!,l want to say about how l would like to do some chariatable help for others that are unable to help themselves in their own garden back in England. Once l am in a position to go...
  12. P

    Gardening Service

    A few of you may know Carol and Mahmut who live in Dalaman, well they have started up a small garden tending service. Mahmut is a local gardner so I doubt he will be able to travel a great deal from his home Dalaman Garden Care - Garden Design Construction Maintenance in Dalaman Turkey If...
  13. ceemac

    Gardening In Antalya

    'Too much, too close together” was the scathing verdict on the state of our city-center Antalya garden. We had been confined to our house for what seemed like weeks by intermittent but torrential Mediterranean rain.' Here C
  14. T


    do any of you people out there know of a good garden maintainance company in yalikavac for a small sitesi, thanks
  15. Andy

    Vegetable Gardening

    What veg do you grow in Turkey and the UK and what do you find the easiest & most prolific to grow. What do you find are the most difficult to grow in Turkey ?
  16. H

    Gardening in Yalikavak – some advice needed

    We are going to our house in Yalikavak first time. It has a large plot – about 800 sqm, but not a garden YET. We would like to transform the plot (slowly ;-)) into a garden starting while we are in Yalikavak in September. The plot is flat, no trees only a few bushes along the fence and lots of...
  17. bobthenob

    Lets Talk Gardening

    Gardening to me is an opportunity and a delight to work with nature and never against it.When l turn the soil over early in the season here in Akbuk,l always use the fork so not to injure the living creatures in the soil,and also if l see any surface living insects on the surface,l will never...
  18. B

    gardening question

    Having failed to get a reasonable lawn by sowing seeds I wondered if anyone can tell me where to buy turf. I live in Dalyan, so anywhere around Fethyie, Ortaca or Dalaman would do.
  19. Andy

    Gardening Tip

    Now is the perfect time to mulch your garden if you can't get horse manure. Today i bought 3 bags of good rotted horse manure for £1 which covered an area 20 x 3. I watered the ground before hand and lightly turned it over then watered after the manure had been laid up to 4 inches deep. The...
  20. L

    Gardening Tips - How to Build and Maintain A Garden

    5 Rose Garden Ideas If you are like me and have been scared away from growing roses because you believed they were hard to grow, it’s time to put away your incorrect conception. Roses are amazingly easy to grow and care for. They are far from being the picky, pest-infested plants that they are...
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