1. C

    Employment of gardeners etc for a sitesi

    If you have a management company looking after your sitesi, would it be usual for them to be the employer of the workers or the owners on the sitesi?
  2. A

    Gardeners in Akbuk

    Can anyone help me. I am looking for a pofessional gardener on a regular basis to mow my lawn, know a weed from a flower and generaly advise and landscape my garden and rockery probably twice a month in the summer.
  3. Sniffy

    Landscape gardeners Datca

    Can anyone recommend any landscapers to give me a quote.... or even better, a quote and some ideas! In Datca or who will travel there. The garden needs attention and this is now the next job on the list! Some sort of slabbing/paving...small perimeter wall / screening with plants and making a...
  4. Sweetnighter

    Keen gardeners on Bodrum peninsular

    Has anyone come across any of the following "ground cover" plants. GAZANIA(silver/grey leaves yellow flowers).... STACHYS BYZANTINE "Silver Carpet"(lambs ears) the non-flowering type.....also....FELICIA AMELLOIDES(Blue Marguerite) to drop over a BODRUM STONE retaining wall,it would look great...
  5. jonnydiamond

    Gardeners in Akbuk

    Yo the forum Have a property in Akbuk with great mature gardens (obviously well cared for by previous occupants). Would like them to stay this way. Can you guys recommend any good local gardeners along with thier rates? Cheers JonnyD
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