1. Mushroom

    Transferwise- Garanti to UK

    Hi All, Advice please? I am about to move out a large amount of TL from Garanti at Gulluk via TransferWise to our First Direct account in the UK where it will be converted along the way to GBP. I've never used TransferWise before in either direction and would appreciate any advice, do's or...
  2. S

    English Speaker at Garanti Bank Bodrum Wanted Please

    Hi there - in normal circumstances I would be paying a visit to Garanti Bank (near Oasis/Gumbet roundabout) about now but not this year unfortunately. As I don't have internet banking with them I'm thinking of telephoning the bank and was just wondering whether anyone has an English speaking...
  3. A

    Close Garanti Bank Account

    I’m wanting to close my Garanti Bank Account and transfer the funds back to my NatWest,Account in the UK. I’ve been able to close the deposit account and transfer the balance to the current account online, but can’t find any way to close the current account and transfer the money to a UK...
  4. Mushroom

    Garanti Bank -Transfer Limits and costs

    I recently went onto the Garanti website but couldn't find the answers I was looking for. Basically, I am shortly about to convert some Lira to Sterling via my Garanti App and then occasionally transfer the Sterling back to my UK bank. Could anyone tell me what the daily limits are please, first...
  5. B

    Garanti BBVA Bank online access problem

    Since Garanti joined forces with BBVA recently, I have not been able to access their website. The error message shows ''Cannot securely connect to this page This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings.'' I have tried using most of the sites (Turkish) shown...
  6. immac

    Garanti CCard Instalment Payments

    Watching the TL about to collapse, it occurred to me that anything bought now, before the prices rise in TL, could be a bargain if on extended payments. So, I tried to buy an item on Gittigidiyor with fixed cost spread over 6 months on interest free credit. If the TL tanks, I win. However, I can...
  7. A

    Garanti bank - exchange

    I’m new to garanti bank and wondered if anybody could help out with how you exchange pounds into lira? I have a sterling account and a lira account. I would like to change pounds into lira. Does anybody know the steps to do this by logging online via a PC. Also does the bank charge to do this?
  8. D

    garanti bank

    if I phone the 4440333 number does any one speak English?.
  9. D

    garanti bank uk

    HI Recently set up the mobile banking app and have lost password. can I get it reset if I go yo uk branch with id?
  10. suecheshireuk

    Garanti ATM now charging to withdraw £

    Just a heads up to let people know there is now a 2.5% charge if you want to withdraw Sterling from a Garanti ATM, I'm sure more banks will follow. Bit of a pain for those of us that withdraw Sterling from or UK accounts to convert to TL. xx
  11. M

    Garanti Bank

    More problems! I cannot get into my Garanti Time Deposit account on line. Previously I opened the website, put in my account number then, when asked, put in my personal password. Then I got a use one time PIN to my mobile. Today, after opening the site, I clicked Personal at the top right as...
  12. J

    Garanti Transaction Limit on new Accounts

    Hi, I'm due to move to Ankara next week, and the bank that we're recommended to use is Garanti (tri currency account in TRL/GBP/USD). We're given a relocation allowance to furnish our new place, but the guys I know that have gone out recently have been subject to a 2000TRL transaction limit...
  13. IbrahimAbi

    Garanti Bonus Card

    I have had one of these for years and always forget to cash in before they cancel them at the end of the year. Does anyone on here know if you can cash in your bonus points to reduce your credit card debt online? I would ask at the bank but it is a 100km round trip and I have many jobs to do at...

    Fatma Garanti Bank

    Anyone having trouble getting replies or contacting Fatma at Garanti , Dosnt seem to reply anymore !!!! Is she still working there ( Didim Branch) thanks , jeff
  15. C

    Contact details for Garanti Bank Turgutreis

    I am having problems trying to get in touch with Garanti Bank in Turgutreis and after having had a few unsatisfactory phone calls which have not been dealt with by an English speaking representative I feel that I need to contact them via email. Does anybody have an email address for an English...
  16. S

    Garanti internet problems

    Hi, Anyone having problems using Garanti internet banking Been using it fine until now, same account number, same password But for some reason won't let me in, Any ideas, Regards, Kevin
  17. immac

    Garanti Lunchtime Closing

    I have had an email telling me ( I think: "Şube hizmet saatlerimiz düzenlendi ) that Garanti Bank in Fethiye will be closing for lunch henceforth. There is a certain logic to that, because lunchtime is their busiest time, so if they close that will get rid of the lunchtime rush. I thought this...
  18. G

    Garanti Bank on-line access problem

    For many days I have been trying unsuccessfully (two or three times a day) to access my Garantibank accounts on line. I successfully enter my username, password, validation code (as displayed in the box you have to copy). I enter my UK-registered mobile number and successfully receive a single...
  19. Mushroom

    Garanti activation PIN

    Hi, I've read in older threads of people having problems with obtaining their account activation PIN from Garanti by SMS. After no problems over the years the same is now happening to me and I cannot carry out banking via the internet as a result. My phone number has not changed in recent times...
  20. J

    Garanti bank Didim email address

    Can anyone help with this please . I have emailed several times to the address I have for Fatma but am not getting any response. From what I can gather online there is now a customer relations manager named Pinar Dal Tas. Does anyone have her email address please ?
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