1. immac

    Ölüdeniz Air Games

    Air games on from 15th, culminating in a display by Turkish Air Force (Turkish Stars) over Çaliş Beach on 20th at 15:30. Each day the events start in Ölüdeniz at 9:00 and run through to 17:30. scroll...
  2. E

    Anybody up for card and board games?

    Hi everybody, we opened up a facebookgroup for people who enjoy meeting up for playing once a week. You`ll find it under Alanya Fun & Games. Here is the introduction. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or there. Alanya Fun & Games About us: We are an international...
  3. Yalides

    Invictus games

    I don`t do royalty but if I did then it would be Harry for King. Inspirational guy.
  4. Tenpin

    Turkey’s youth ministry prepares list of ‘harmful’ digital games

    Turkey?s youth ministry prepares list of ?harmful? digital games, including Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, Pacman - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY It's an interesting list. But the one I don't get is Pacman
  5. paddington bear

    Olympic Games on TV

    Oh bother, Film On have blocked the games, can't find them on Digiturk, does anyone know please if these are on Turkish TV at all. Sue
  6. bickern

    Rio's Olympic Games have officially begun.

    Well off we go then. Shame it had to start with all the embarrassing controversies, revelations and illegalities. Not being one to get over excited over sports but I will see how this fans out, I will be watching the aquatics that's for sure. I wish everyone well that takes part and...
  7. Yalides

    Invictus games 2016

    Great TV, very brave people participating in sports. Don`t have a lot of time for royalty but fair play to Prince Harry. He has done a fantastic job putting these games together and I am sure they will go from strength to strength over the years.
  8. HelenSnowball

    Invictus Games

    Just been watching some of the stories of the people competing - just wow. Remarkable brave people. I hope the games are a huge success.
  9. Jaycey

    War Games

    It's Time to Stop Putin's Nuclear Arms Buildup Ukraine isn’t the only place where the White House is letting a belligerent Russia off the hook. “Once again, Russian President Vladimir Putin is flexing his muscles with no serious response from President Obama. Not only did Russia violate the...
  10. CKPR

    PS3 Console & Games

    Play Station 3 (PS3) for sale. - with 1 lead controller and 10 games, all in good working order. 500 tl ono. Yalikavak area.
  11. Spurs

    Commonwealth Games.

    I must say Scotland has done an excellent job hosting these games. Its nice to see fresh faces, most of which did not make it to the Olympics (some of which should have been there). The people representing the smaller islands of the Commonwealth are as proud as punch just to be there, true...
  12. J

    Commonwealth games on Digiturk?

    Hi, Does anyone know if the commonwealth games will be shown on Digiturk? if so, what channel please :thanks: Jan
  13. Jaycey

    PC Games

    I’m always a little wary of downloading games but I see ‘World of Warplanes’ & ‘World of Tanks’ feature prominently on the TLF site. Are these kosher? I ask because after downloading WoW a while back funny things happened on my laptop so I uninstalled - but this could just have been a...
  14. Spurs

    Satanic Games

    Yet again a wild statement from Islamic Nutters. Winter Olympics being called "Satanic Games" & every intention of disrupting them, well look out because Russia will know exactly how to react. Just level your town. Of course most of these people who come out with such devastating statements are...
  15. teosgirl

    Gulen vs Erdogan - war games

    LOCAL - 49, including sons of Turkish ministers, detained in fraud and bribery probe POLITICS - Turkish prime minister silent on corruption operation, defies ?hostile? attempts POLITICS - Hakan ?ükür urged to quit Parliament, not only ruling AKP 'Media reports of FBI visit to charter school...
  16. Jaycey

    Computer games

    It’s -6 C outside and snowing so it looks like an evening in Perhaps time for computer games? I’m new to this but I found one at The Snipe Game. Snipe is a finger billiard game requiring skill and intelligence. It’s kept me busy for a while but does anyone have a pet favourite that...
  17. CKPR

    Ps3 games

    Set of 3 PS 3 Games. Good Condition. sc real 11, pro bass fishing, fifa 12...75 TL
  18. jenifer

    Paralympic Games 2012

    I am shocked the BBC is not broadcasting the Paralympic Games live. Instead we have to suffer watching CH 4, with 37 minutes of program and 23 minutes( per hour) of spives and thieves trying to sell crap that no one wants. I watch supposed athletes on TV kicking a piece of inflated plastic...
  19. yalimart

    football - who actually goes to games ?

    The new season is looming ! but football never really went away this year. If you live in the UK/Ireland do you actually go to the games of the team you support ? If living in Turkey or abroad elsewhere were you a regular at your team prior to moving ? Do you think it has now become a TV...
  20. teosgirl

    war games

    POLITICS - Drill tension mounts in Mediterranean At around the same time every year the Army training ground situated 10 KM south from us, is filled with tanks and trucks and soldiers all participating in their annual war games practice. Every April we listen to the bombs and the planes flying...
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