1. v6cod

    360 degree gallery of Dalyan

    From the Belediyesi website a collection of 360 degree images. Dalyan Belediyesi | DigiTasarim Sanal Tur Uygulamalari
  2. Yalides

    Picture gallery

    I have a backlog of 6 pictures in the gallery which haven,t uploaded probably due to being too big. How do I delete these please ? Got new years piccies to upload and it aint happening.
  3. teosgirl

    one Polish, and a German injured during Gallery attacks

    Art Galleries have been attacked in the Taxim/Beyolu area of Istanbul, and the patrons sprayed with pepper spray, attacked with baseball bats and stones for supposedly disturbing the neighbourhood and drinking on the sidewalk: Victims of attack on Istanbul art galleries say it was organized -...
  4. P

    Ayna Cafe Gallery

    Hi, a quick heads up on a little gem we've found in Bodrum. It's a cute restaurant called Ayne Cafe & Gallery, in Turgetries Cad a stone's throw from the market/Dolmus station. Doesn't look like much from the outside, but once you go inside there's a wonderful atmosphere, classy decor and a...
  5. P

    Photo Gallery Mystery

    I've been trying to upload photos to the gallery. I created my album and started to upload. Some have uploaded without any difficulty. Others I get the message that they have uploaded successfully but they are nowhere to be seen. All the files are more or less the same size so I don't think it...
  6. P

    Rogues Gallery

    Well it seems the net is tightening. Photographs on a website of rogues who have lost people money/property by crooked deals. Wait until a few more photographs are put up by people. They can hide behind a name but not a face. This is encouraging to all those who have been duped.
  7. Mushtaq

    Phot Gallery integrated in posts now

    You might have seen a new icon below the members name on the left of the posts, this link takes you to the member's photo gallery.
  8. merlin

    Forum Photo Gallery.... How to browse/upload your own....

    Uploading to your Gallery & Browsing other Members Photos Galleries On the left hand side of the forum you will see menu options. Select "Photo Gallery" Browsing the Gallery When a new member joins the forum, they are automatically created a Gallery account for uploading their pictures...
  9. juco

    Akbuk Photo Gallery

    Pictures of Akbuk Hi, I have bought a property in Akbuk (Altinkum) which I am hoping will be through in time for xmas (so I can go out there) When I was there I took a load of pictures of the property but none of the area, Would anyone who has pics of the Akbuk area (the beach, shops...
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