1. yalimart

    Capital Gains

    Every now and then Linsey throws a link at me and sure enough here is another, the subject of buy to let has cropped up a few times as has capital gains tax, this may affect a few of you out there, As usual I asked what could be done to mitigate this, as usual she said financial advice isn't...
  2. S

    If Erdogan gains a presidential system....

    by popular referendum, will there be a military coup within the chain of command? I think so....because part of the constitutional change involves civilianizing the military and placing it under the control of the presidency......also, according to Ahmet zeki ucok, the constant violence in...
  3. juco

    Capital gains tax

    Fictitious scenario (Turkey), but I am curious. Lets assume I have had my property for over 5 years so therefore I would not pay capital gains tax in Turkey if I sold, however I die and it goes to my son who would now be a new owner. Would my son therefore have to pay capital gains tax if he...
  4. J

    Capital Gains Tax

    I purchased a new property in '2005', id now like to sell the property, iv a good understanding of the process but a little confused with regards to the CGT, some sites saying I need to pay a percentage of the profit others saying you pay nothing if owned more than 5 years. can anyone clarify...
  5. suzyq

    A new tax on property value gains?

    What will they think up next, sounds absolutely bonkers to me. Hopefully it will not become a reality. It is becoming difficult to understand the system of laws in Turkey. I really wonder if there is an educated background to some laws requiring specialist knowledge. It seems that the...
  6. christella

    Turkish Property sale capital gains tax

    is it true after 5 years I sell property I own and there is no tax to pay on profit
  7. immac

    Capital Gains Tax Backdated 20yrs

    Second homeowners who fail to pay their taxes could face crippling fines or even jail under a major crackdown launched yesterday by HM Revenue and Customs. Tax collectors are targeting thousands of people who have sold a second home, a holiday home or a buy-to-let property without paying tax...
  8. B

    Capital gains tax -how much did you pay?

    Could anyone please tell me how much capital gains tax you paid and how it was worked out and time you sold from tapu date
  9. B

    Price on Tapu and capital gains tax

    Can you please explain the following? The Tapu has 2 dates on it ( bottom left jan 2007 and one above the stamp Feb 2007) .Which date do we need to go by as the date of the Tapu? As the date is in 2007 does this mean we apply the 5 year rule before any capital gains tax? Also can we deduct the...
  10. P

    Capital gains tax.

    I have been informed that CGT is not payable on a first property bought when sold inside the required first 5 year period from tapu issue.Is this correct.I believe it is payable on any property sold within 5 years from issue of the tapu. On this theme how vigorous are the Turkish Govt. at...
  11. Mushtaq

    Turkey Gains "0" Points on Gender Equality - Again

    According to the women's association KA.DER, Turkey failed once more in the report on "Inequality in the Representation of Women and Men in Turkey". Women are not included in decision making mechanisms, KA.DER criticized. With their fourth performance report on the "Inequality in the...
  12. L

    capital gains tax-turkish translation please.

    I understand that the sale of a property under 5 years old incurs tax on the profit made. Can someone tell me if 22 % is correct for 2011, what is the turkish name for this tax and how do we go about paying it. Any advise would be welcome, thanks. Linda.
  13. I

    Capital Gains Tax on selling apartment purchased via limited company

    Hi, Could someone please advise on the situation regarding capital gains tax, or any other taxes, incurred when selling a property purchased using a Turkish Limited Company ? As it happens we are unlikely to have made a gain when we sell but would like to know what the situation is anyway...
  14. L

    Help - capital gains tax

    Hi I wonder if there is anyone out there that can help me with an enquiry? We have lived in Turkey for 4 years and are thinking of selling our UK home. We rented the property out for 3 years and it has been empty for 1 year. Does anyone know where we stand on captial gains tax? From what...
  15. gra

    council/capital gains tax advice please

    Hi all Can anyone advise if we are liable to pay council tax on our villa although the tapu is still only for the land (arsa), we will change to full tapu when we get our iskan. And does the 5 year period when capital gains tax is due (if you sell), start when we went on the land tapu or only...
  16. martin m

    cap gains tax

    Hi all This i came across whilst browsing and thought it may interest someone,its to do with capital gains tax,selling in the uk and buying abroad, Capital Gains Tax Rules for Overseas Property I think what it means is that if you sell your house in the uk to go and emigrate to your place in the...
  17. M

    Capital gains Tax

    The following situation has come to light and i hope someone here will know the right answer. Poroerty purchased in 2003 on a cooperative, cooperative ended in 2007 Tapu arrived 2008, from what date will the 4 year period start re capital gains tax. Can we sell our house and not pay capital...
  18. T

    Capital gains tax.

    Can anybody help on this question, I know that one is to pay capital gains tax if you sell your property within a certain time limit. What I want to know is how is this tax paid or deducted and who is responsible for working it out. Is there some procedure that has to be applied and how. Is...
  19. G

    Turkish Capital Gains Tax

    We have a property in Turkey which we had built over the winter of 2003/04. We didnt actually get our tapu however until 2006. We are now considering selling but are confused about the Turkish capital gains tax position. we understand there is a 4 year ownership ruling to avoid tax. Does anyone...
  20. martin m

    Capital gains tax

    Hi all I have just been browsing some glossies that i sent for ref Thalassa beach resort in northern Cyprus, and aside from the fact that it looks fantastic (free cd) in BIG RED letters at the end it states that "capital gains tax is not paid on the sale of your first property", Now its not...
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