1. L

    Mick and Gail

    Hi im hoping someone may be able to help me find an old friend of mine, Mick and Gail lived in Kaya about 9 years ago before moving to Ovacik i think. Mick had a carpentry business before retiring if memory serves me. He was quite a big man,he liked seafishing and also walking.I would be most...
  2. S

    Mick and Gail

    i wonder if someone can help me, i used to live in Hisaronu where i met and became good friends ith Mick and Gail they lived in Kaya.Mick went back to America to sell his property and Gail stayed in Kaya while he was away, i have lost Micks phone number could anyone tell me if they are still...
  3. jcrian

    Happy Birthday Gail

    Happy Birthday Gail and enjoy your day.:cheer2:
  4. jcrian

    Happy Birthday Gail

    Happy Birthday Gail, I know you aren't in Turkey at the moment but hope you enjoy your day.
  5. Susan

    Happy Birthday Gail

    Happy Birthday Gail, :clap: Hope you have a real nice day, and get spoiled rotten. :pressie: Best wishes Susie and Anfield. xx
  6. Andy

    Gail's 40th Birthday

    Many Happy Returns of the day Gail As we all know 1966 was a great year and an even more special one for your Mum. Have a fantastic 40th birthday Gail Best Wishes :pressie: :pressie:
  7. E

    Gail and others help plse. lol

    I really need your input and advise if you can. I am looking to buy property in the area - but don't know where in Bodrum . Im not familiar with that specific location ; and eventhough I lived in Istanbul for about 6 months in mid 90's and am somewhat familiar with Turkish culture, that's...
  8. Pennie

    Making Gail's life easier

    How about we start a thread, where nothing particularly serious is discussed, and no important information is passed, so Gail hasn't got to go through it and tell us to get back to topic. If ever we feel like going off on a tangent in any of the threads, we can post a note to see gossip thread...
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