1. S

    Excellent latest gadget

    Being a big girls blouse plus liking latest gadgets I must sing the praises very highly of our latest kitchen appliance Tefal Actifry Effin amazing Sausages, goujons, bacon, burgers, scampi,etc perfect with no oil Chippy shop quality chips with a spoonful of oil Sadly being on a diet I only...
  2. Tommie

    Weather gadget

    Just returned to Didim and I can't get the Weather gadget on my desktop to work. Has anyone had a similar problem as I've used it for a few years with no problem? Oh. I'm also getting 0.6 mbps. Is that good for Didim (answers on a postcard please)?
  3. S

    Great gadget

    Now I know I will be panned for being a gadget geek/ house husband or whatever but just have to sing praises of this bit of kit I have gotten for using at our homes both here and in Turkey- Karcher Window Vacuum Absolutely amazing wee machine. Definetely for lazy sods like me who hate the...
  4. GnD

    Skinput gadget turns your own ARM into a touchscreen display

    This really is extremely impressive; Those who find the touchscreens on their ever shrinking gadgets too fiddly to handle, will be glad to hear scientists are developing a new touch surface... your own arm. Developers at Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University are working together to...
  5. Sunny Seasider

    What is the best Gadget you've ever bought or been given as a Pressie?

    Well mine is drink related, (of course), my friend bought me a really good wine opener and it's still going strong after 8 years, had plenty of use too. It works like a vacum, you just pop the holder over the wine bottle, release the two handles and hey presto the cork is lifted. Nowadays there...
  6. A

    Must have Gadget for Parents

    Parents, do you ever find it difficult to cope with your little tear-aways running riot around your feet. Do you wish you could assert more control over them without the need to raise your voice or belt. Now there is another method you might just like. The Control-a-Kid remote has all the...
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