1. L


    Hi there I'm new to these forums so I'm not sure if im doing this the right way but here goes. We have just purchased our villa in Ovacik Fethiye and are trying to find furniture stores in the area to furnish the villa. When we look online everything seems to be quite costly. We are obviously...
  2. scotssteve

    Wanted -furnishings Altinkum Area

    Afternoon all friends of mine are trying to furnish on a budget. Do you know of anyone selling beds/ a coffee table/ plastic table & chairs in the area (maybe Akbuk or Mavi)? All help appreciated please PM me regards
  3. M

    soft furnishings and curtains.

    :15:Hi All i am new to the forum, just had a flick through all the comments, me and my wife are planning to come over to tuzla to finish our furnishing of our apartment. We already did all the big stuff last year but survived with sheets from home and rolerblinds. We need to buy some nice but...
  4. SuperBogs

    Entire household furnishings

    If all goes as planned I will be looking to sell all of our furnishings. It is all used but not more then 7 years old. Some only 5 years old. We have everything plus more to completely fit a large three bedroom home. There is a Bosch Frost Free Fridge, a bosch dishwasher, an Arcelik top of the...
  5. D

    Buying bedding / soft furnishings etc. in Bodrum?

    Hi everyone, New user and also just about to be a new owner at Turquoise Homes. We were out there in July and will be heading back in October. All of our furniture has been sorted but we will be adding finishing touches when we visit in October. We're after things like extra bedding, bedside...
  6. Germaine

    What furnishings should I bring from UK

    I will be buying pretty much everything in Turkey to furnish a 3 bedroom house. BUT. My wife has just walked through the door from food shopping with an extra carrier full of "stuff for the villa" Its no good me telling her not to buy "stuff for the villa." Its what women do. so I thought i'd at...
  7. G

    Where to buy furnishings in Altinkum

    Can anyone recommend any places in Altinkum/Didim (or even Soke) where we can buy 'sensibly priced' furnishings for our new place. We are talking everything here, Beds, Wardrobes, Tables & Chairs, White Goods for Kitchen, Solar Panels and Tank, saucepans, plates & cutlery,etc,etc. Also, we...
  8. G

    Where to buy furnishings - Soke or Didim

    Our semi-villa in Akbuk is soon to be completed so we will be looking to kit it out on our next trip over. We have been advised to buy most things from Soke as the general prices of everything are very much cheaper there compared to say Didim. The usual sort of items like Solar Panels/Tank...
  9. M


    how cheap is TOROS furnishings
  10. K


    Obviously I'll have nothing to sit on in my new property/apartment when the time comes. what about furnishings, beds sofas, fridges etc tables Where would one get them in Altinkum? K
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