1. gam101

    Furnishing a home

    Ola Folks! :22: I'm back with yet more questions. :brick: So wifey popped a question; how do people transport furniture from the seller to a home? Back in the Middle East, one can easily find truckers for hire. You can negotiate a price & then the driver follows you to the pick-up place...
  2. R

    Cost of furnishing an apartment

    Hi Does anybody have an approx idea of how much it would cost to furnish a 2 bed apartment with second hand furniture? Many thanks.
  3. J

    Furnishing costs

    Is 3500£ about the right price to furnish a new one bed apartment
  4. N

    Furnishing our flat

    We are finishing off our flat in Yalikavak and now we are going to have to get it furnished. In an ideal world there would be an IKEA in bodrum and we'd hire a van and get everything, but going to the IKEA in Izmir seems a step too far. a) Has anyone done the trip to Izmir with a van, and if...
  5. G

    furnishing appartment.

    :41:Hi everyone,I am new to turkish living forum,would be gratefull for any information RE; buying furniture for 2 bed appartment including white goods,modern but not too expensive.Thanks in anticipation Glynis.
  6. M

    furnishing an apartment

    hi folks, has anyone used a company to furnish their apartment or villa?
  7. M

    furnishing an apartment

    can anyone give me advice on how best to buy furniture for my apartment.
  8. S

    Furnishing our new house

    Hi, I am new to the forum My husband and I have just bought a house at Gumusluk We are coming over in 2 weeks to buy furniture Im looking for suggestions for shopping for beds, sofas and dining furniture thanks Sue
  9. Chancery

    Furnishing Properties in Dalaman Area

    Dear All, I now have 5 new apartments at Topala Village, Dalaman and need to furnish them. Does anyone have a standard list of furniture required for a 3 bed 2 bath apartment, suitable for holiday lets, better still costings for all of that. Can anyone recommend a local furniture retailer...
  10. N

    Furnishing apartment at Turquoise

    Hello and happy new year to you all. My name is Irene and I have bought on Turquoise in Coral. At last I have my kitchen sink and taps so I can now look to putting furniture in. My question is how long do you think I would need to select items and have them in the property. I am unsure as to how...
  11. H

    Furnishing, buying things & vat

    Hi ALL, Once again I am asking your kind advice. Next year we will be furnishing our Villa and we will be buying from bedrooms to living and white goods for the kitchen. We are not planning to take our things from here but TOTALLY buying them from Turkey. My question is this - Does it work...
  12. W


    Hi all, Just about to buy the remaining items for my property. If anyone has furniture etc that they are selling then please let me know. I will be in Datca for another couple of weeks but hope to buy my things well before I go. If you see me and want to stop me then please do so. I am...
  13. H

    furnishing shops

    can anyone tell me the best soft furnishing stores near yalikavac,i am looking particularly for a nice comfy sofas? cheers.
  14. Firebrand

    Furnishing a flat in Dalaman

    Merhaba. My husband is due to come over to Dalaman in a couple of weeks and if everything goes to plan with the paperwork, he will need to do some basic furniture shopping so that myself and the kids will be able to come over when the schools finish in July without sleeping on the floor. (If it...
  15. A

    Furnishing Business

    Dear all After my trip to Akbuk to furnish my property my friend and I thought we would explore the possibility of starting a business to furnish other peoples' property in the Akbuk / Altinkum area. I know there are already various agents that can be used to do this and prices for undertaking...
  16. A

    My Furnishing Trip to Akbuk

    Dear all I have just returned from furnishing my 2 bedroom garden apartment within the Mandalya Gardens development in Akbuk. I went with a friend who has also purchased a garden apartment in the same development. I thought other members may find it useful if I set out the details of our trip...
  17. A

    Furnishing my property

    Hello all I am coming over to Akbuk on 16th Feb to furnish my property in Akbuk. I have been through the forums and there is loads of useful information which I have gathered however I still have some questions which I was hoping the members could help me with. - I am planning on staying...
  18. D

    Furnishing apartment

    We've just bought an apartment in Belek to use for our holidays as well as rent out. Need to furnish it and won't be able to get there until later in the year. Does anyone know any wesites where I can order inexpensive furniture etc. Thanks
  19. Germaine

    Furnishing trip.

    Well what can i say, It definately wasn't the nightmare experience i was expecting. Infact i'd love to do it all again and i'm a bloke, i'm not meant to enjoy shopping ! I flew out from Manchester to Bodrum 9 days ago with my wife, two children and £3,500 in cash. The flight took bang on three...
  20. L


    Hi everyone. My name is Lawrence and my wife is called Rita. We have bought a duplex on Orkide. We are going out to complete our furnishing on 19th April. We have already bought some furniture but are thinking of making a trip Ikea to get the rest, has anyone been and if so was it worth it or...
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