1. jazzcazz

    Looking to furnish our Apartment

    HI Please can you advise if there are any companies who will furnish our apartment in the Dalaman area before we arrive in August. Thanks
  2. Z

    Help! Needing to furnish my apartment

    Hi guys, I'm new on here and have just got my apartment in armutulan and I am needing the basic furniture to get me going,I don't mind 2nd had furniture or new as long as it is a reasonable price. Iv been on Turkish eBay but don't have a Turkish visa to pay. All help would be much apreciated...
  3. W

    Need to Furnish our Villa - Furniture packages?

    Hi, we have almost finished purchasing our villa in Ovicek and wanted to know if anyone knew or had experience of buying a furniture package for a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom Villa. It would be nice to be able to buy in IKEA and have it all shipped to the villa but I dont know if that is possible...
  4. ted j

    How much to furnish

    What were your experiences and costs re furnishing your place . Got a good deal on furniture/were ripped off, cost more/less than you thought, places you'd reccommend etc . Ted
  5. claire1976

    How much should I budget for to furnish 2 bed?

    I've been quoted £3900 from an agent to furnish a small 2 bed apartment with standard furniture. This seems quite high. Does anyone have any rough estimations as to how much I should budget for? Or does this sound about right? I've no idea how much furniture costs in Turkey! Thanks.
  6. S

    To Furnish or Not To Furnish! Help!

    Hi everyone, hope you can help with my latest dilemma! We bought our apartment (unfurnished) at the beginning of August. Tapu has'nt come through yet but we have been told we can use the apartment whenever we like. We have got a week off work in October and would love to go back to Turkey and...
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