1. bickern

    EU accused of seeking to cut funds for poor

    EU accused of seeking to cut funds for poor. The European commission has been accused of seeking to cut EU funding for the continent’s poorest people by 50% to secure post-Brexit cost savings and extra funds for defence projects. Jacques Vandenschrik, the president of the European Food Banks...
  2. N

    funds abroad

    Taxpayers who have hidden assets or income overseas could be hit with fines worth twice the amount of tax owed under strict new rules introduced by HMRC. The “requirement to correct” (RTC) legislation comes into force tomorrow and requires taxpayers to declare any foreign assets that could...
  3. bickern

    EU agrees to cancel pre-accession funds for Turkey

    Members of the European Parliament’s Budget Committee on Sept. 25 agreed to cancel 70 million euros in pre-accession funds earmarked for Turkey on grounds the conditions to improve the rule of law were not met. The committee said the money would be spent on migration programs. “Last November...
  4. teosgirl

    Dutch parliament calls on EU to freeze Turkey funds

    Dutch Parliament calls on EU to freeze funds for Turkey Well, the EU deal might be over before it began. Charlotte
  5. Jaycey

    investment Opportunity - Hedge Funds

    Yep, we’ve started a new business – franchises available in most areas. Cash in a plain brown envelope to the usual address please.
  6. B

    Transfer funds from Turkey to UK

    Good morning folks, I am thinking about transferring funds back to the UK. Now, that should be relatively easy using internet banking, both in Akbank and Garanti, transfer lira into a GBP account and then use the SWIFT system to send to your UK account using your IBAN. However I wanted to use a...
  7. Kingfisher

    Transfer funds from Turkey to UK/Hong Kong

    I'm sorry if this question has already been answered; I did run a search but didn't find what I need to know. I have to transfer around 20 000 TRY from Turkey to either a UK account or Hong Kong (both in GBP). Which is the best (cheapest) way to do that? The money is in a TRY account at the...
  8. K

    transferring funds from Kayseri to US

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience transferring funds from a bank in Kayseri to the States? Are there any banks that have branches or partner banks in the States where I could get an account and transfer funds for less exorbitant prices than Western Union and the like? I will be in the States...
  9. K

    Turkish Bank Accounts and Transferring Funds from UK

    Hi all, I would be grateful if any forum members could provide me with information and advice with regards to opening a bank account in Turkey. I currently bank with the Bank of Scotland. I will be moving to Icmeler in less than 2 months and will be opening a turkish bank account on arrival...
  10. shazeroo

    Fund Raising Evening... with VERY Special Guest-Star....

    Some of you may have read the Scooby-do Fan Club thread which is about a huge dog with severe rickets who spent most of his life (over 4 years) in a dirty cage at the council dog shelter. We got him out in October and he has thrived and is now fit, healthy and very happy - and he causes a real...
  11. T

    leaving funds in turkey

    has anyone got savings in a turkish account but still lives in the uk. I am thinking of having savings in turkey for when I eventualy retire there.
  12. I

    transfering funds abroad

    what is the cheapest method to transfer funds abroad to a sterling a/c from uk bank.. i use a internet company for transfering foreign currency, but they do not transfer to sterling, bank states they can do a chaps payment cost £25, any other cheaper method??
  13. immac

    Shares & Funds Listings

    Can any one tell me which Turkish newspapers list the Istanbul Stocks & Shares? I don't want to rummage though the shelves in my local shop, nor buy a copy of each paper. Is one paper better than another? Is there an equivalent of FT? I'm particularly interested in Funds. Ian
  14. K

    Transfering funds in Turkey - HELP!

    Help Required, I am having trouble transfering funds between my accounts at Garanti Bank. I have funds in a sterling (£) current account and need to transfer into my YTL account in order that I pay some bills by direct bank transfer, but the automated system does not seem to recognise the YTL...
  15. Miss Money Penny

    Transferring funds - Thank You

    Thank You to whoever mentioned using HSBC to transfer money Ive just paid the balance for my appartment and it was so quick and easy and only cost £10
  16. C

    Transfering Funds

    I have looking in the search facility and I can't find a specific answer to my question. This week I will be transferring funds to my lawyer and would like to know which is the best and most economical way of doing this. Is it better to transfer sterling into euros? sterling into YTL?. Also...
  17. merlin

    Repair Funds Raised for Bulgarian Unique Church in Istanbul....

    A non-governmental organisation has donated EUR 20,000 for the reconstruction of the roof of Bulgaria's St. Stephanos Church in Istanbul. The fund-raising campaign for the Iron Church in Constantinople, as it is commonly referred to, was launched in June by the same-name foundation who will...
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