1. O

    Illegal fundraising in yalikavak

    TO EVERYONE: Yalikavak will no longer allow illegal fundraising activities to take place anymore...this includes and not limited to : Fundraising for it book sales, fundraising dinners and bric and brac sales. This also applies to all the non-animal groups that are also doing...
  2. Gill

    Charity Fund-Raising Sale 9 May

    We are holding one of our regular Bric-Brac sales at Musti's Restaurant starting 1pm on May 9th. We are grateful for the support we get from many of you and it allows us to give some help to children and families, and the three local schools in Yalikavak. Hope we shall see you there. Don't...
  3. Gill

    Charity fundraising this week 11-12 April

    Yalikavak Friends (Dostlari) Group are having their first fund-raising events of the summer this coming week. We use the funds we raise to help local needy children, families and the schools here in Yalikavak. Wednesday 11 April sale of second-hand clothes, and books, bric-a-brac at Musti's...
  4. D

    Animal Fund-raising on Tuesday

    Hi All, just back in the UK and wanted to say a big 'thank you' to all those dedicated people who staged the animal protection money raising event in Turguteries last week. It made my holiday to see the coming together of different nationals for this brilliant and challenging cause... Every...
  5. Lyndsey

    Fundraising ideas needed asap.

    We are having "Ricky Tomlinson's Scouse Night" and thought it may be a good opportunity for our complex to raise some funds for the Didim Dog Shelter (Neuter and Release Scheme). Other than just having a whip round on the night, do any of you have any suggestions?
  6. animalmad34

    Turkish dog rescue - fundraising prize draw - please join

    TURKISH DOG RESCUE - FUNDRAISING PRIZE DRAW Since 2002 when i first visited Altinkum i have helped the street dogs/cats get a better life and My Turkish Rescues, I have now taken 7 dogs out of turkey in total as well as homed many cats and even a horse,,This is my latest rescue and i am...
  7. C

    Sport Relief -Fundraising Fun walk/run Sunday 21 March

    Spare an hour for Turgutreis Disabled Children's Centre just received this from the British Consulate office in Bodrum apparently Izmir and Bodrum offices arere doing their own events on Sunday for their nominated local charity. SPORT RELIEF FOR CHARITY The British Consulate is arranging...
  8. M

    Fundraising Event in Turgutreis

    A fundraising event will held in Turgutreis on 10th Oct to raise money to feed the street cats and dogs over the Winter. It will be held at The Corner Pub on Bar St between 11am and 4pm. Home made cakes, jams, chutneys etc will be on sale, also a large selection of books, CDs and Bric a Brac...
  9. shirleyanntr

    Alanya fundraising

    A SEASIDE VIEW - ALANYA Saturday, March 15, 2008 İ took this article from todays Turkish Daily News...makes nice reading DONNA BOYLE Easter spirit This Easter Sunday, many foreign residents in Alanya will be celebrating the feast day at a service at the local cultural center, hosted by...
  10. martin m

    fundraising for Turkey

    Hi all Since posting on sat 10th (london marathon) i wondered if i could raise some money for the TLF fund, so i mailed mushtaq(moderator) and asked him would it be feasible, legal,to ask if any of the members on the forum would like to donate £1/ytl2.5 to the TLF fund,(or anything) and he said...
  11. Pygmallion

    Didim Friends of Animals charity fund-raising event at Betty’s Café/Bar

    Didim Friends of Animals charity fund-raising event at Betty’s Café/Bar Voices Newspaper Sunday, November 20, 2005 On Sunday 20th November, Anna and Alan, two members of the Didim Friends of Animals charity held a fund raising event at Betty’s Café/Bar on the seafront and raised over 1000 YTL...
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