1. juco

    Daisy, go fund me.
  2. Freedom 49

    New venue for table-top fund raİsİng

    Please put word around if possible to people that support our efforts for raising funds via the Table-Topping to feed and sterilise the street-cats. Many of our supporters are not TLF members so any news passed on by word of mouth would be most welcome. We'll be back at The Flying Horse from...
  3. N

    Fund raising and collections on TLF

    Don and me have been discussing where we will go for our holiday this year and think we might consider a road trip around Turkey going to some of the places we've said we wanted to go to but have never managed to get there. One of the places on my list is to see Shirley's resting place and sit...
  4. juco

    NHS extra tax to fund it.

    Am I the only one but I DO NOT support paying extra taxes to support the NHS, what I want is for this or the next government to get its house in order so we can allocate the necessary funding. There are many areas they could save money and use it towards the NHS, in my opinion asking for extra...
  5. immac

    Club Fund Raising

    I am getting involved with a youth sports club in Fethiye - mainly Boxing and Martial Arts. I am keen to help them but want some guidance from others with experience in Turkey - plus related matters on a global front. The club is run by experienced coaches who seem to know their stuff on a...
  6. A

    fund raising for disabled equipment for a child in Marmaris .

    a group of ladies based in Marmaris are trying to raise funds for a medical bed for a diasbled girl who was hit by a car and is now completely paralysed. Does anyone know of a good company we could use or have any advice on this please.? thanks
  7. luckycat68

    fund raising for street animals

    At the risk of being accused of " self promoting " by the same old crowd I am holding a Raffle and Auction on the night of Saturday 3rd September, all money from this will be used to neauter and buying food and Frontline ,for our friends , the 4 leggers of Yalikavak Please come along and...
  8. N

    Fun fund raiser?

    This morning I had the most bizarre mini accident - I wasnt badly hurt and it made me laugh thinking what A&E would have made of it had it been worse. Then I had an idea - I dont think anyone could guess what happened so who's up for a competition - for a small donation to any of the charities...
  9. shazeroo

    Fund Raising Evening... with VERY Special Guest-Star....

    Some of you may have read the Scooby-do Fan Club thread which is about a huge dog with severe rickets who spent most of his life (over 4 years) in a dirty cage at the council dog shelter. We got him out in October and he has thrived and is now fit, healthy and very happy - and he causes a real...
  10. S

    Urgent Help Fund

    Hi All This is Mushtaq. My log in wasnt working so I just grabbed the nearest one at hand As you will all know the RP price for UK pport holders has been slashed-unfortunately not for the Irish As a show of TLF togetherness I am setting up a fund to help them with their RP costs. The fund...
  11. A89

    Fund for Shirley

    For those members who have expressed a wish to donate to a fund for Shirley I am very happy to accept any donations to my paypal account or if paypal isnt an option for you and you prefer to pay directly to my bank account in UK or Turkey please PM me to discuss. I have given a lot of thought to...
  12. Gill

    Fund Raising Sale 20 August

    Following on from the Mayor's meeting:- Yalikavak Dostlari Group (Yalikavak Friends Group) will proceed with a sale of Bric-a-Brac, books and other items to raise money for the Ramazan Packets Project in conjuction with Yalikavak Soysal Dayanisma Dernigi ve Gencler. Sale is Friday August 20...
  13. butt007

    Apartment block maintenance fund

    we live on a complex of 7 apartment blocks and and all owners pay into a general community fund for the upkeep of all communal areas, however February 2008 several of us in our block decided to set up an individual block fund for repairs as and when needed. At the time the terrace roof...
  14. SuperBogs

    Tlf auction fund raiser

    I have been giving this some thought for several days and passed it by Mushtaq and he gave me the thumbs up to go ahead with it. I was trying to come up with an idea that would make it easier for us to help others in need. We have fund raisers where people donate and that's wonderful but I was...
  15. SuperBogs

    Pebble Fund Thread

    This is a place where people can indicate if they have donated for our friend and TLF member Pebble for her help with medications in her battle with cancer. If you don't donate or can't that's fine also but for those who would like to make record of their donations and comments this is the...
  16. Martyn

    Adverts or donations to fund the forum

    Following a thread about the number of adverts on the forum I thought I would conduct a poll. It's clear the forum costs money to run, I know I've done it and one of this sort of bandwidth and performance doesn't come cheap. So vote what you think.
  17. KKOB

    Fund Raiser - Quiz Night

    There will be a quiz night at the Uzumlu Wine House ( Near Fethiye ) 9pm Friday 6th March. Entry fee 2tl per person. Proceeds will be used to purchase food for the Animal Sanctuary on the Uzumlu Road. The object is to have a bit of fun and raise some money for the Sanctuary so the questions...
  18. C&G

    Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund

    If you know of any bright Turkish student around you please let them know about this wonderful scholarship: Thanks for your interest in introducing St. John's to your friends in Turkey. Here's what you can tell them about the Ertegun Education Fund: The awards are need-based and available to...
  19. shirleyanntr

    some news about our fund

    Today i was contacted by the one and only KKOB with some great news for help with TLF ''Gift for Ali '' fund. İn another life Alan/KKOB worked for a firm in the UK known for its charitable work. Hearing about what we are doing here they have offered to deliver to Turkey and thence direct to...
  20. immac

    Pension Fund Rules

    I am considering transfering one of my pension funds to a QROPS registered scheme in Turkey. Has anyone done this and have any advice? The only registered scheme is with Koc Allianz. What are the pension rules in Turkey for accessing funds from such a scheme? Are there the same restrictions as...
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