1. juco

    Airlines carry extra fuel.

    How far do we take all this ? Are cars going to be targeted next whereby we should never fill the tank completely and only have sufficient for a daily journey.
  2. oldfogy

    Bio Ethanol fuel

    Does anyone know where in Didim sells 'Bio Ethanol Fuel/oil, I know there are a few large hardware shops I can ask in when I come out but thought I would ask here first and hopefully save myself a lot of walking around, thanks
  3. oldfogy

    Clocks went forward so we now pay higher fuel cost!

    I was thinking earlier, mainly because I was feeling a bit cold and turned the central heating on before the timer kicked in. Since the clocks have now gone forward by one hour, my central heating is now being used for seven hours per week more, because although the clocks went forward it does...
  4. P

    Bio ethanol fuel

    Hi all This is my first post on the forum, and I am hoping that someone might be able point me in the right direction. I am looking to source some Bio Ethanol Fuel, either in Liquid form or Gel form. It's to be used in a decorative table lamp that I'm looking to bring over to our Villa in...
  5. F

    Get UK Winter Fuel payment while living in Turkey?

    Quick question :- Do you still get winter fuel payment while living in Turkey ? İ get my pension paid into my UK Bank a/c The pension service know i live in Turkey and have my address i would be grateful for any info
  6. suecheshireuk

    Fuel hike in Turkey !!!

    Cannot believe it, we passed garages on the Akbuk-Didim Rd, and the cost of a litre of fuel in one garage was 5.12 tl! At this rate we are going to have to look at scooter share. Sue xx
  7. bickern

    Another increase in fuel prices in Turkey

    The government has carried out another increase in fuel prices in Turkey for the second time in just eight days, jacking up the price of 98 octane fuel to over five Turkish Liras a liter, making Turkish gasoline some of the most expensive in the world. Prior to the rise, which was to come into...
  8. flowerpotman

    Winter fuel payments to stop

    BBC News - Spending Review: 'Temperature test' for winter payments
  9. A

    tax hike again on fuel and alcohol

    The turkish government have raised taxes again on petrol, diesel, lpg and booze. A crate of efes went up by 10 lira overnight and a bottle of vodka increased by 8 lira. Pubs will have to raise prices. Looks like they are gonna deter tourist from coming to Turkey. Resorts have had a bad season...
  10. T

    UK - Winter fuel allowance.

    I just saw an article on BBC news regarding the Winter fuel allowance. Following a ruling by the European Court of Justice, the UK has had to ditch rules which previously stated that you needed to qualify for the payment before leaving the UK in order to claim while living abroad. This meant...
  11. christella

    tax on fuel

    signs going up today at petrol stations saying how much tax we pay here in England £30 worth of fuel £18 tax robbing gits
  12. pineapple1

    Manch Out of Fuel !!!

    Just saw on the news that Manchester Airport has run out of fuel .. There maybe delays tonight and in the morning .. Airport fuel 'being replenished' - Yahoo! News UK Diane
  13. arrian

    M?cr Airport runs out of fuel!!!!

    just on BBC news that Manchester Airport has run out of aviation fuel for the first time in it's history!!! seems there has been a problem at the refinery and it will take another 6 hours before they are back to normal, so of course, there will be delays. BBC News - Manchester Airport runs out...
  14. jazzcazz

    Solid Fuel Boiler

    Our tenant has requested if we could pay for a central heating system with solid fuel boiler to be fitted to the appartment he rents from us. This is because some of the people in the complax are using them and that it was very cold last year. He very kindly informed us it would only cost £3000...
  15. S

    Chaos (fuel)

    Thanks to the governments wise words of advice yesterday about stocking up on fuel and filling your jerry cans, today has been manac in garages across the country. Our store had, at the most, a 40 minuite wait to get into our garage, causing massive tailbacks and chaos on the roads. I was...
  16. A

    Liquid fuel prices in Turkiye

    New raise came more to benzine today, The second hike in 10 days about 5 percent raise in 10 days. If it goes like this 1 liter of oil will be soon 5 TL. (now about 4.60TL/LT benzine and about 4.05TL/LT diesel with raised prices) There are also many tricks in gas stations, today I supposedly...

    Winter Fuel Allowance

    Well,for all you ex-pats freezing your nuts off in Turkey or some other "warmer" climates,You will be pleased to know,You WILL get your fuel allowance,So you can now buy some more Brandies or Mulled Wine to keep you warm. Quite Right too, OR ,of course .Some may disagree. Enjoy it, Jeff/Chris...
  18. culturevulture

    BA raises fuel surcharge on long haul flights.

    British Airways adds £60 fuel surcharge to long-haul flights A family of four will have to pay £240 more for flights after British Airways announced the biggest rise in fuel surcharges in its history. British Airways adds £60 fuel surcharge to long-haul flights - Telegraph It had to come. I...
  19. arrian

    £40 fuel surcharges

    don't waste any time, do they? Petrol prices hit £1.30 a litre and Thomas Cook adds £160 fuel surcharge | Mail Online
  20. Briand

    Fuel Advice

    How long will fuel ( petrol ) last in your car say your out the country six months or so would your car start ok or would you need to drain the tank etc, PS is it best to leave less than half a tank or a full one any comments would be appreciated. :307bt: Briand. :10:
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