1. rosewall1

    Frustration with builders

    This is something I have never done before but feel I must get it off my chest and maybe of some help to others. We decided that we wanted to have our roof terrace and patio closed in but did not want fixed windows because of the summer heat so we decided to have sliding glass panels and went to...
  2. F

    My telephone!! Frustration!!

    My phone (land line) is not working. I dont know why!! You can receive calls on it, you can make calls on it, but not from MY house, just other peoples, (its been test driven in other houses!!) and I'm currently on the internet on it, ie using the line from my house!! Any ideas peeps, I'm...
  3. Ms Who


    I mean the board game of course! If anyone has an old one of these floating around in the back of the cupboard, of if anyone sees one in the window of a charity shop and that someone happens to be coming to Altinkum sometime in the future and wouldnt mind bringing a little bit of extra luggage...
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