1. K

    very small snails eating my fruit trees

    I have an ever increasing volume of very small conical snails eating my fruit trees in Dalyan. Branches where they are really established die. I have been into my local pesticide shop, both in Dalyan and Orteca, and no one seems to have an answer. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Were...
  2. suzyq

    Price rises expected for fruit and veg

    Frost that hit a number of agricultural products at the end of March will likely result in a roughly 25 percent hike in market prices, sector representatives have said. Heavy snow fell at higher elevations while temperatures occasionally dropped to minus 10 across Turkey, exacting a severe toll...
  3. christella

    bringing fruit from Turkey?

    are we allowed to bring back pomegranates back to England in our suit case as we have a lovely tree in our garden
  4. A

    fruit Wine!

    Just wondered if anyone else has tried the fruit wines in Turkey? They do a variety of fruits,so far my favorite is Strawberry,they do a Banana one which I can't find at the moment,but am having fun trying all the rest :):cheers:
  5. S

    Fruit Cider in Turkey

    Does anyone know if you can buy mixed fruit cider such as kopperberg, magners or something similar in the pubs in Turkey. thank you
  6. oceandream

    Bodrum Market Fruit & Veg

    Hello All We are expecting to arrive in Bodrum on Monday (6 May) and will be in the town for a few days before moving onwards. As we will have to do a bit of food shopping I right in thinking that the main food market in Bodrum is on every Tuesday? Its the fruit and veg market ...
  7. S

    What Type Of Fruit Is This?

    We've just got back from 12 days at our apartment and just before we left last night our Turkish neighbour brought us some fruit which she had picked - can anyone one tell me what they are please from the picture below. The are gooseberry size, smooth skinned and quite hard. I believe that they...
  8. P

    A few fruit cases here.

    I came across this,a list of the candidates for the Eastleigh by election next week,such is our democratic process. BBC News - Eastleigh by-election candidate list
  9. niyaz

    Male fruit fly

    Frustrated male fruit flies, whose sexual advances are rejected by females, turn to alcohol to drown their sorrows, a new study reveals. How many man or women in this forum have gone to alcohol when sexually rejected ? :416pv:
  10. altinkum kev

    Fav fruit here?

    What is your favourite fruit here in Turkey? Here is mine i love persimmons in Turkey where they are known as 'cennet meyvesi' ('heaven fruit),you normally see them in the market on paper plates. 5 for 2 lira. go on try them they are great.
  11. Yogi

    Fruit & Veg Quiz

    Just for a bit of fun, can you answer these? Google is not allowed. 1.Carrots are said to be a good source of which vitamin ? 2.Which fruit tree has the scientific name “malus domestica” ? 3.If a dish is described as being “a la Florentine” what vegetable would it contain ? 4.What vegetable...
  12. A

    For Rent: Furnished farm house with fruit trees in Toparlar

    My friend would like to rent her house for a long term period.Just pm me if anyone is interested.It is located in Toparlar by the forest and not far from the main road and the center of the town. It is a furnished 3 bedrooms+one lounge 2 big balconies+one of the bedrooms has its own parents...
  13. carolk

    Pruning fruit trees when flowering?

    Am I too late or too early? My fruit trees are blossoming. They are Apricot and plum and are much too big. Any helpful advice please. Have looked on the internet and cant find a straight answer.
  14. SAMIMI

    Loquat Fruit tree

    I have 2 loquat fruit trees in my garden. One is located at the front and this is thriving! The other is at the side and is about quarter the size with very little fruit. The only difference I can see is that the tree in the front has been watered more often. Do they need much water? What...
  15. rosewall1

    what fruit

    Has anyone any idea what fruit this is, it is growing on a tree rather shaped like an apple tree. Had little white blossoms April/May and now has these very hard unripe fruits.
  16. flowerpotman

    Help fruit trees

    I need help with my fruit trees. I have been told that my trees leaves are curling and local agriculture office says vaccination ( pestecide) and fertilizer required. Any ideas what to give main problem seems to be lemon trees. I am not out till 17th oct so any help that you can give i can pass on.
  17. D

    Crystalized Fruit

    Does anyone know where I can buy crystalised fruit? There was a shop in Fethiye called Malataya Fruits, but it has now closed. We regularly travel to Bodrum, Marmaris, Mugla, Kas & Fethiye, also I can get things brought from Antalya. Thanks in advance for any help
  18. Miss Money Penny

    Fruit & Nut

    Hi Fruit & Nut, I'm sorry you were upset after replying to my question.Please don't let it put you off the forum,when I was new I also got my hand slapped and it's not a nice feeling. You said you have been living in Yalikavak for almost 2 years, as this is where we have our place and hope to...
  19. Andy

    Turkish Fruit Question

    Mush Muller (if thats spelt write and it's probably not,) are the small Golfball sized round fruit that are in abundance at the moment in Turkey, but what is the English name for them if there is one. I bought a couple of the large seeds back to the UK which i'll plant next year to see if...
  20. jcrian

    UK - Turkish fruit

    I have just had a rare trip to a supermarket here in the UK.I was amazed at what they are charging for Turkish fruit here. A small lemon was 23p Here's a pic of one of ours from the lemon tree. Turkish cherries were £3.78 for 400 grams which works out about 25ytl per kilo!!
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