1. bickern

    Rescue of a puppy in a frozen lake (Turkey)

    Rescue of a puppy in a frozen lake (Turkey) Rescue of a puppy in a frozen lake (Turkey) - BBC News - 30th December 2018 - YouTube
  2. Yani

    Frozen bank account?

    We recently sold our house in Izmir, leaving some money in our HSBC account. No long after, my RP expired. I have enquired at the bank about transferring the money back to UK, but got the impression that because I had sold up and the RP was no longer valid, transferring the money may be...
  3. Kingfisher

    Frozen toilet

    Does anyone have any useful tips for de-freezing a toilet? The water in the cistern is one big block of ice now. Thank you for any advice.
  4. yalimart

    Frozen Pipes

    I have spoken to a few friends today in Yalikavak who have no water due to frozen pipes and solar tanks and we know what happens when they thaw. I leave my water on for my auto garden watering system but tomorrow It will be turned off Just thought I would mention it in case others have left...
  5. Carolyn

    Frozen Stiff

    Can someone please explain to me why he would have thought this was a good idea. Drunk man gets a frozen stiffy after sex with a snow man - Busted In Acadiana
  6. J

    Turkey - Frozen

    Want to do an early Xmas dinner, has anyone seen any Frozen turkeys around Altinkum,or in the Kipa stores in Soke or Kusadasi? fresh ones do not seem to be available until around the 20th. Thanks Jan
  7. HelenSnowball

    Frozen Planet

    For anyone who has not seen it, the BBC's Frozen Planet is a must-see. It is on BBC 1 and HD on Wednesday nights, also repeated on Sundays I think. For those of you in Turkey, I hope you can get it on iplayer, or satellite TV, 'cos its fantastic. David Attenborough (or Richard - I forget...
  8. B

    Bank Accounts Frozen

    Hi Everyone, Just wondered if everyone knew this bit of info I learned today. You might have been receiving notes from your banks on the internet. I had to have mine from AKbank translated but the banks need evidence of your residence or by the end of September they will freeze your accounts...
  9. topcat

    Frozen Bank Accounts

    Happy New Year to everyone. Came back from Bodrum just before Xmas. On Xmas day sent a utility bill and marriage certificate (e mail) to HSBC for id so account would not be frozen. At 8.30 am Boxing day got a phone call from HSBC Istanbul saying thank you but need a utility bill from our...
  10. Leigh

    Frozen Turkeys - Bodrum

    Hi, can anyone tell me where we can find frozen Turkey's in Bodrum? A friend of mine is going to prepare a thanks giving dinner next Thursday and can't find any turkeys!! I thought I'd seen a post for turkey's previously, however I've gone back to pg 6 of the Bodrum forum and cant find...
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