1. shirleyanntr

    Mücver turkish zuccini fritters

    if you like little fritters you will love these..they look something like İndian bahjias although some people make them flatter...and this is a basic recipe but you can make them with other veggies especially grated carrot or cauliflower..anything really this is an easy really tasty recipe...
  2. Peaceplant

    Courgette Fritters

    Here's a link to the basic recipe though they do vary a lot; Turkish food: mucver zucchini courgette fritters. Cuisine recipe from Turkey I don't tend to follow a recipe as I am a chuck it in and see type of cook but I love these with garlic yogurt. I was shown by a chef many years ago but he...
  3. Peaceplant

    Left-over Rice Fritters

    This is a fun way to use up left over rice and it is anything goes. Crumble the rice through your fingers to unstick any lumps. Sling in whatever you fancy - left over veggies, chopped onions, grated cheese. Season anyway you like - garlic, cumin, curry powder, turmeric, salt, pepper. Wet the...
  4. Mushtaq

    Lokma (Yeast Fritters with Syrup)

    Ingredients Ingredients Amount Sugar 1 kg Water 600 ml Lemon juice 5 g Dry yeast 5 1/2 g Sugar 4 g Water 60 ml All-purpose flour 250 g...
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